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    let me know what you think of this idea

    a custom built and bashed figure of megatonus prime's character from transformers exodus built using parts from two rid megatron figures two rid galvatron figure and one transformers cybertron vector prime figure. and also the hands from a movie verse wreckage figure

    one rid megatron figure would have the entire central portion and echest and head and wings gutted from the center section of the upper body but leaving the lower body legs and feet waist mounted dragon arms and robot arms and shoulders and armor and folding sides upper body torso parts intact.

    while the other rid megatron would loose the entire lower body from just above the gorin lower waist area down and would also lose the dragon arms and their connection points but still have the wings arms and shoulders and dragon pony tail on the back left intact

    with both modded rid megatron figures having all the purple color parts swapped out with the black colored replacement parts salvaged from both rid galvatrons to create a two section rid megatron body figure so that the body arms legs and wings and tail parts are all predominantly black color wise

    with the two body sections then being epoxy glued together so that the robot mode would have two full sets of armored arms and gauntlet armored hands to wor with in robot mode

    the basi idea being that the upper set of arms could be transformed int oa set of over shoulder mounted tribarrol fusion cannonswith this part of the robot mode being modeled somewhat like energon megatron in this way

    while the lower set of arms would have the hands completely swapped out for a set of clawed hands salvaged from movie verse wreckage.

    vector primes head would be modded to fit so that it could be beuilt into place on the megatronus primes bodys collapsable sliding neck joint while the wings parts from vector prime would be used to improve on megatronus primes large bat like wings so as to give them more posability with a coulpe of extra joints to work with

    take a good look at the back of rid megatrons outer wings

    see those in molded wheel well hosing parts the wheels are set into place inside of ?

    the wheels are secured into place by the screws but the screws are hidded n by the way the outer and inner wing parts fit together when they are scured togetehr by the screws

    wit a it of dremil work it would be possible to mod the outer wings so that the y can be given a secondary rotation joint by the screw which attaches the wheeels to the back of the outer wings

    this could be acoplished by completely taking a full set of wings from both rid megatron's apart in removing the steel pins in them and modding the wings in so that the outer wings are on the inside outer wing part reshaped to be a set of pin jointed round flat shaped 0parts while the outer wings for the out side part would be modded so that they would besanded down flat on the side that woudl attach to the inside part of the outer wing assembly so that the vector prime wing parts can be used to attach the two sets of outer wing parts together with the vector prime wing parts being used to increase the overt all wingspan of the rid megatron bat wings making it possible for the entire bat wing to effectively rotate by each of the steel pinned joints and also fold up in a 4 piece hinged wing manner with the wings being multi jointed to be used in flight in a fully omni directional manner

    i believe it might be possible to improve on the dragon tail parts to give it a mid tail/mid neck omni direction al style dual rotating joint and also to give the tail tip a joint as well so that it could actually open its mouth up to make the twin headed 2 armed 2 legged quadrobipedal winged dragon a chimera like creature with its arms and hands giving it a kind of semihumanoid like form with its vehicle styel form being that of a semi animal like cybertronian star destroyer

    or it could also be transformed into a single headed twin tailed semihumanoid dragonoid winged lizardman like form

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