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    For sale is Custom Leader Class DOTM Ironhide:
    Dark of the moon Custom Leader Class IRONHIDE | eBay

    This is highly customized figure. New features include:

    1. Fully articulated hands (15+ articulations per each hand) that will allow dramatic expressions and poses.

    2. Modified knee joints to give full 90 degree articulations on the legs.

    3. Replaced LED on the head to give screen accurate blue light-up eyes.

    4. Installed additional switch to allow eyes to light up continuously.

    5. Total 11 powerful rare earth magnets installed throughout the body in order to attach weapons and arm kibbles in various positions.

    6. Arm kibbles mechanism redesigned to allow attachment to back in robot mode and original location in car mode.

    7. Scratch built weapon system (based on ROTF Voyager Ironhide weapons) with LED integration and toggle button system that allow on, strobe, and off mode.

    8. Multiple custom paint layers (airbrushed) that include primer, metal undercoat, surface coat, and protective gloss coat for extra durability.

    9. Precise hand painting for added detail and battle damaged appearance using advance techniques (chipping, washing, and dry brushing).

    10. Steel plate installed on the back to allow secure weapon storage.

    11. Stealth mode (a.k.a weapons mode) by attaching weapons on side or the back.

    In addition, all original features (i.e. blinking eyes, sound effect, chest cannon, truck sounds and etc) have been retained. This includes arm kibbles being able to reattach to its original locations.



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