Non-TF: custom Frankenstrat Rock Band guitar controller

Discussion in 'Radicons Customs' started by Switch625, Jan 2, 2009.

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    This isn't a Transformer custom, but since I've seen non-Transformer customs on here, I figured this would be ok. I'm insanely happy with how this turned out. Ever since I got Rock Band, I wanted to repaint the guitar controller to resemble Eddie Van Halen's famous red, white and black Frankenstrat guitar.

    I didn't want to risk taking all the electronics out, so I left them in and just masked off all the buttons and controls. It was a bit of a risk, but since the Rock Band 2 controller is out now, I figured I could get one of those if this didn't work. Well I'm happy to say that it did work and the controller still functions like normal. I removed the pickguard, but found that there are grooves underneath it that I didn't like, so I left the pickguard on and just painted over it. I used some red and white Krylon Fusion spray paint for plastic, a lot of masking tape and then some triple thick gloss spray to give it all a good shine and kind of seal it up.

    The hardest part was figuring out the stripe layout. There are a lot of variations on this theme, none of which are that definitive, so I really just had to get a general idea for the placement of the masking tape.

    Each coat of the paint dried to the touch in 15 minutes (I gave each one a full half hour just to be safe), so I was able to use multiple coats of each color to get it completely painted up in a matter of hours. Then I removed all of the masking tape and, much to my surprise, the tape came up smoothly and didn't hurt the paint at all. I figured the paint would have at least bled through the masking tape, but it didn't. The gloss coat directions said to give it 24 hours to fully dry, but even though it was set in about 6 hours, I waited and gave it the full day to dry.

    This isn't perfect by any means. There are so many variations on the real guitar's paint scheme that I figured close enough would really be good enough. I mean, it's pretty recognizable for what it's supposed to be. Since I couldn't find varying sizes of masking tape, I had to make my own, so as a result, the stripes are all a little too thick for the smaller scale of the guitar. But overall, I think it turned out really great. Now that I've got this one done, I realize what I'd like to do differently, so I'll probably try and do the same thing to the new Guitar Hero guitar controller whenever I get around to getting one. Rock on!


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    Friggin' sweet! Instantly recognizable. Really looks great!

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    nice work man.

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