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    let me know what you think of this

    a set of custom built hands in the same size scale as the hands that come with the fansproject munitioner bruticus add on set

    but with them being designed in such a way that while the hands in their main form look like a very near precise replica of fansproject bruticus's hands. here is where they are designed differantly from the original fansproject bruticus hands

    1 the top side outer palm of each hand is sporting a set of knuckle claws at the main joint where the cannon baro0ls attach to the palm/ hand

    and 2 the hands are designed in such a way that the cannon barrol finers can fold in to the entire palm itself in such a way that it rotates the entire palm section of each hand out with the original set of cannon barrol figners forming the replacement palm while the original palm unfolds to become a full set of double jointed razor clawed spike tipped fingers

    with the original cannon barrol jointed thumb also floding down into place in front of the inside pal like it was making a fist with the clawed thumb folding out from the outside of the palm

    the entire hand would rotate around at the wrist joint and the claw tipped fingers would also rotate around at the main joints to form each hands clawed hand guantlet form

    basicly it would give bruticus a seto f transforming hands that could turn into a set of bear clawed like gauntlet hands ala predaking

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