Custom Battle Damaged Bumblebee/Longarm Dio Relisted!!!!!!

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    staring Battle Damaged BumbleBee & light flashing Longarm

    Now this is a custom that I'm very excited about. It's a slight recreation of a battle scene with in this summer's blockbuster movie "Transformers". """"" Spoilers""" Now Bumblebee gets blasted during the big fight and loses his legs. Next thing you know, his new human friends are straping him to a towtruck and helping him to keep fighting. The minute I saw the Longarm Towtruck Figure I had to do this diorama. But with a slight added bonus Longarm comes with flashing lights, a trick I learned from Jin using Barricade roof lights . Bumblebee has been customized for battle damaged, re-paint from different metallic washes, drybrushing etc .... Longarm also has slight been repaint, the same, but with running lights. This auction is for 2 custom Transformers and the diorama based! . It's a 3 for 1 deal, get while its hot!!!!!!!

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