Culling Collection in Northern Virginia

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    I've run out of space to store all my toys and I've been spending way too much money on them. To restore my sanity and appease my wife, I'm going to cull my collection. I've been a completionist since Beast Machines and have lots of stuff to get rid of (my collection is well over a thousand, maybe a couple I don't know). I also have a ton of Marvel Legends and Lord of the Rings figurs to get rid of too.

    To do so, I'm looking at inviting people to my home in Woodbridge, VA sometime in January to buy my stuff. My prices will be between half and 3/4 of what you see things going for on average on ebay. Most of my items are loose, but they have manuals and their accessories.

    If there's any interest or questions, please post and let me know. Thanks!

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