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    Hi, I am selling some duplications from my private collections but not completing my selling list yet. I am no longer having a Paypal account but I accept money orders, cashs and personal checks (required proof and trust. I am sick of fake checks and putting a stop to rip me off). For now I have known toys for sale but will add more later.


    e-Hobby Ultra Magnus (MISB) is near mint condition and was part of 2000 e-Hobby series - $75.00

    e-Hobby Chrome Silverstreak/Bluestreak (MISB) is near mint condition and was set of Anime Bluestreak and Gold Jazz. - $85.00

    e-Hobby Gold Jazz (MISB) is near mint condition and was set of Anime Bluestreak/Silverstreak and Gold Jazz. - $85.00

    The set will be $160.00

    2005 Transformers Cybertron Legends
    Set of MOSMC - Starscream, Optimus Prime, Megatron and Hot Shots - $30.00

    Let me know if you are interesting by PM. I will add more later for a sale.

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