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    Paid fast, good communication.

    Omega Approves of this First Time Buyer!! :thumbs2: 

    edit Little disagreement about the items I sold him. Sent images and pretty detailed descriptions about what he was buying... Apparently he wanted one MOSC figure that the cardback should be in pristine condition, not the minor wear it is subject to from the store. He did not tell me that when he bought two Animated Soundwaves from me. Sorry bud, I can't control how they are stocked on the shelves.

    I will still keep the positive feedback up, because he did pay me on time as promised. But in the future Culby, you need to be upfront about what you want. If you told me you wanted a cardback with NO wear and NO store/shelf wear, you should have said so when I told you the condition mine were in.

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