Customs: crude supply source?

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    can anyone tell me an online source for sheets of plastic? or what kinds of stores carry crude plastic materials.

    Im looking for sheets a few millimeters thick and very low diameter plastic rods/dowel. and if possible plastic cylinders to be threaded for those small industrial sized screws we all love. AND slightly larger diameter cylinders to fit those in.

    I was also wondering if anyone knew a good source of low diameter pins and similar pins with riveted ends. like the kind with a nail head on one end.

    im really looking to build things from the inside out here. but i don't own a vehicle and ive been to all the art supply stores and dollar stores in my town (Oakville, Ontario) and I have yet to find a good source of the above mentioned. especially sheets of styrene that I see so much.

    any input would be great, and I will feel you are just as responsible for my work :p 

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