Crossover - G1 Meets New Teen Titans

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    Starscream leveled his weapon, fully preparing to use it. Starfire knew exactly where
    it was pointed, too. Right at her head.
    She dodged to avoid the initial blast, but the shock of the explosion stunned her. She
    felt dizzy and cursed herself in Tameranean for letting her guard down. She was in the fight of
    her life – literally. She didn’t need to drift into the stupor of fatigue. She clenched her fists and
    fired at Starscream with her own star bolts.
    Starscream narrowly avoided her blasts and charged at her, guns blazing. Starfire did the same.
    “Starfire! No!” cried Robin. The explosions muffled his protests.
    Suddenly, the firing ceased as Starscream lunged forward. Kory sped up as she intended to
    ram the abomination before her with her fists. Her little way of saying hi. But Starscream averted
    her blow at the last second. Alien computers working faster than any mortal mind could possibly
    think were working against her. In the blink of an eye, the Decepticon had determined a strategy
    and put it into motion. In one motion, he dodged Starfire’s blow while simultaneously striking her.
    The Tameranean didn’t know what hit her as her entire world went dark. She whizzed to
    the ground in unconsciousness. Her teammates all initiated their counter attacks.
    Robin threw some smoke grenades, while Raven attempted to utilize her soul self. Cyborg
    fired his pulse cannon and Beast Boy became a ravenous Tyrannosaurus. Meanwhile, Kid Flash
    got in Starscream’s face and pelted him at the speed of sound. A tag-team effort between Cyborg
    and Beast Boy sent the machine falling backwards towards the ground. After his collision with
    Earth, the Decepticon was on his metallic feet in the blink of an eye and engaging the rockets in
    his feet.
    He took to the air in an impressive show of alien technology and mild rage.
    “Enough games, children!” spat Starscream. “Play time is over!”
    As Starscream sped upwards, he began to transform. Each piece of himself becoming a
    designated component. Until he was a large F-15 Eagle roaring overhead. He began a volley of
    rapid laser fire which pelted the ground, turning the street into a fiery, hellish war zone.
    “Wow,” said Gar dreamily. “I wish I could do that.”
    “Snap out of it, Green Genes!” said Cyborg. “He’s comin’ back!”
    The jet fighter was making a return run. Laser fire rained down. Donna managed to deflect
    most of the weapon fire with her bracelets, while Raven teleported to a nearby rooftop. Robin and
    Cyborg just did the old-fashioned run and duck routine; hurling themselves to the ground and
    covering their heads.
    “Get to Starfire!” commanded the Boy Wonder. “Go!”
    Robin raced towards his alien teammate, half noticing the flames and debris which once
    constituted Broadway. He leapt, dodged, and ducked through the rubble. Soon he saw her, lying
    helpless with her arms splayed and smoke rising from the crater which resulted from her crash
    landing. He was conscious of Donna following close behind as he closed distance. He was within
    thirty yards of her when a sudden laser blast made a crater in front of him and he was forced to
    stop. He gazed with fury as Starscream stood in the street, returned to robot form and pointing the
    smoking barrel of his weapon. A smile spread across his robotic face; a smugness that only Starscream
    could manage.
    “Ah, ah, ah.” teased the robot. “Bad humanoid.”
    The ground shifted as the mammoth machine approached the two heroes in the street. His
    grin hadn’t dissipated. A sudden yellow blur appeared at the corner of Donna’s vision, followed by
    another laser blast. Starscream had put a crater perfectly in Kid Flash’s trajectory, sending him flying.
    With a laugh, he returned the weapon to their positions. Oh, how she hated his screechy laughter.
    And he seemed to know good and well how much it irritated her, because he kept doing it.
    Raven positioned herself on the building just out of Starscream’s vision, and prepared a
    volley with her soul self. In a flash, Starscream had turned his arm around and taken out the ledge
    she was standing on. He hadn’t even removed his gaze from Robin or Donna. Raven teleported
    to the ground just feet away from Donna.
    “It seems that you and Skywarp share a common talent, my dear.” spouted the arrogant
    Decepticon. “Totally unimpressive, but I still long to dissect your pretty guts to find out just what
    makes you tick. Just after the green, biological Transformer.”
    “What about me?!” shouted Cyborg as he launched himself from a building. He was aiming
    for Starscream’s head when he was literally swatted from the sky by the ‘cons’ blue forearm.
    “You get to be my servant, you failed experiment.” shrieked the cocky mechanation. “And
    as for your precious dark-haired Amazonian, I believe that I will turn you into a solar battery along
    with your red-headed friend.”
    The Decepticons’ auspices then eyed Robin.
    “You on the other hand, are totally useless.” he said as he slowly moved his cannon towards
    Robin. “Prepare to meet your doom, Dick Grayson!”
    A look of shock and fear crept onto his face, to which Starscream launched another evil
    “You should see the looks on your faces! It’s priceless! I’ll bet you’re wondering just how
    in the name of Primus I knew that, eh?”
    The machine shifted his weight.
    “Well, it’s quite simple, really. I simply downloaded the files from your computer in your
    He allowed a few seconds to let their fear amuse him for a moment longer.
    “Why don’t we just broadcast your little identities to the world?”
    Suddenly, Robin realized why he hated this creature so much. It wasn’t because their city
    and tower were in disarray, not because he had almost killed Starfire (not just that anyway), but
    this evil machine did what no other villain they ever faced had been able to do before. He was
    afraid of him.
    “I’ll be sure and give the bat your regards from the great beyond, little Titan.”
    Robin was frozen. He didn’t know what to do. Should he bolt? Should he try another
    position? Should he just run away? Everything seemed to slow down.
    “This is all my fault,” murmured Wally. “This is all my fault.”
    “Goodbye Teen Titans.”
    Robin squeezed his eyes shut, trying not to make it real. He was about to die. The entire world
    seemed to stand still as an immense crashing sound came. And he felt nothing. Was he dead? As he
    opened his eyes, he realized that he was not only alive, but that Starscream had been sent for a loop
    and crashed into a building.
    The machine had a look of rage on his face as he rose. Then it quickly turned to fear. The same
    fear that Robin had just experienced. Then Robin noticed the shadow that approached them. It led
    to enormous blue legs, which led to an immense red torso and a smoking rifle. The shimmering
    blue eyes were set with determination and a face plate covered the new arrivals face from the cheeks
    to the chin.
    “Optimus.” stammered Starscream. “Optimus Prime.”
    Kory rose from the crater just in time to hear the booming voice arrive. It had a sound of
    dangerousness mixed with righteous resolve.
    “Like you said, Starscream. Play time is over.”
    Starscream then did the only thing he could think to do. He ran. He fired up his engines
    and took to the sky as Optimus fired at him. The Decepticon shrieked as he fled, transforming into
    his bomber mode. Soon all that was before them was a jet fighter.
    Before he could get very far, Prime adjusted his rifle and fired a shot through Starscream’s
    tail rudder, sending him spinning madly and screaming. But he corrected himself and flew away at
    the speed of sound. He knew that he was outmatched.
    The Titans all approached cautiously. They didn’t know who this being was, but it was
    well displayed that he was a force to reckon with. And that rifle was still smoking. Man, was it big!
    Optimus noticed their discomfort and opened his weapon storage container in his back. He
    slid the rifle in and it snapped shut, seamlessly. Alien technology at its finest. He approached
    the Titans, who understandably were a little bit cautious as they took a few steps back. Prime
    knelt down on one knee to make himself not so huge – to no avail. His voice was almost soothing.
    “You need not fear me.” he said. “I mean you no harm.”
    Raven was the first to approach. She seemed totally unafraid. Robin envied her that. She
    could tell instantly if a person was lying or had evil intentions. The fact that she was so unafraid,
    coupled with the fact that this thing just saved their hides, made him less afraid.
    “Who are you?” asked Raven.
    “My name is Optimus Prime. I am an Autobot from the planet Cybertron. I was transported
    here through some kind of worm hole along with that infernal Decepticon.”
    “D-decepticon?” asked Kory.
    “Named by their leader, Megatron. He named them well, unfortunately. They are well versed
    in deception.”
    Donna was the first to extend greeting in return, her Amazonian confidence exuding.
    “I am Donna Troy of Themyscira.”
    “I know.” said the robot. “I also have downloaded your information via your tower’s
    mainframe computers.”
    The teens were ashen.
    “We have got to fix that thing,” said Cyborg as he approached holding his throbbing head.
    “Do not fear,” said the robot in a calming voice. “I have no dark intentions for your information.
    For I am well aware of how important a secret can be.”
    “Is that a windshield?” asked Gar as he pointed to Prime’s chest.
    “Yes. Like Starscream, I am a Transformer. But our similarities end there.”
    “Thank Hera,” sighed Donna.
    Suddenly, an explosion rocked the city and windows shattered.
    “Sonic boom.” said Cyborg offhandedly.
    Prime was worried. What humans were suffering at this moment? What about his troops?
    Were they still in one piece? He had an idea as to whom the sonic boom originated from. Thunder-
    cracker. And if he was here, so was Megatron. And that was not good at all. Could it have been
    Starscream? He Prime could handle. But he wasn’t sure of just what the Demented Decepticon was
    planning. After all, he was a lethal combination of a genius and a blood-thirsty maniac. And that was
    not a nice combination.
    “We must hurry,” stated the Autobot. “I must know if that blast originated from where I
    think it did. If it was him…”
    Prime trailed off as he stood up. The way his voice dropped away, the Titans knew – he was
    worried. That scared them. All of them.
    “We’re with you,” said Robin.
    Prime nodded.
    “Thank you. If that is indeed the case, then let’s go.”
    Optimus began to change, just as Starscream had before. All of the Titans had seen amazing
    things before, but they all stood agape at Prime’s transformation. A chest became a windshield,
    arms became a cab, hands became headlights and feet became a chassis and rear bumper. Prime
    idled his engine and opened his door.
    “Anybody need a lift?”
    A smile spread across the Titans’ faces.
    “That is so cool when it’s a good guy doing it.” quipped Gar Logan.
    Robin and Beast Boy entered the cab while the rest flew, ran or teleported.
    “Let’s roll.” said the Autobot. And together the team charged into the distance as smoke
    billowed from a large building in the city.
    Prime prayed they were not too late.
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    Pretty good for a cross-over (a lot better than the disney crossover) I hope you make more chapters. I give it 10 out of 10.
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    This is so coo! The utimate '80s superdudes with the ultimate '80s robots!
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    Well if I'm correct than actually this version of the titans would actually be like the 2006 ( i don't know the actual date) and i love that Starscream shows his true coward colors
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    I love this story! please tell me if you have plans on continuing it, and what'll happen in it! I'd love to see it continued!
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    Nice story please continue
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    Great story would love to read more please.

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