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Discussion in 'Transformers Fan Art' started by Superquad7, Aug 12, 2010.

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    Hey guys, I just wanted to give you all a general head's up that Creative General Discussion is for YOU! This forum area was added some time ago not only just for those who create customs, but also for those here who have Fan Art ideas, artwork topical discussions, and a place to talk about techniques, etc.

    Basically, if it's not a project thread that's conducive for the Fan Art forum here, go to Creative General Discussion to post! Just be sure to affix the "Fan Art" prefix when you post a new thread. This is so to alert all of the members that the topic of the thread pertains to Fan Art. Think of this forum as your "idea think tank". Got an idea without artwork to show yet? Post it there! Are you stumped on a particular technique? Creative GD is the place for you [along with the Fan Art Tutorials]

    Also, if you go to Creative GD and have a reaction of, "Well, hey, all I see are 'Customs' threads, but I wanna talk or find out about stuff with just Fan Art!", then you can also search the forum by prefix (which is the other reason affixing that prefix is important!). Just follow these instructions:


    Also, I wanted to post this to offer some help to you guys regarding posting images. If you want to use Photobucket or a similar type of image hosting program, feel free to do so. :) 

    I would like to offer a suggestion to you, though - attach your images! I'm posting this for a few different reasons:

    • It gives you another option.
    • You can upload images directly from your computer's hard drive.
    • As long as TFW2005.com is up, your images show up!
    • It can save on the image upload time when others view a thread.

    Again, this is only a suggestion.

    There are a few things you should know about photo uploads now; please see this page: The New 2005 Boards - Introduction and F.A.Q.

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