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    I would adore any TF series that was based off of IDW continuity. Or anything Transtech.
    I'd also like to see an alternative to Beast Machines, where they keep their transmetal forms or even enhance them further.

    But for my own?

    It would be a comic series. Hopefully for IDW :p 

    Transformers: Altered-Nation

    The first 18 issues would be a maxi-series about cybertron before the war and all of the politics surrounding Megatrons' declaration of war.

    Megatron was the head of the department of military affairs before he founded the Decepticons. Optimus(Optronix) was actually a soldier who trained under Megatron thousands of years ago, and then became Prime when Aegis Prime was assasinated on Lithone.

    I dont want to take up too much space so message me if you want to know more.
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    G1 update with CGI, not as detailed as "They were always real to me" but along the lines of Cybertron and Energon, with a slightly darker story than the original

    Or a Movie cartoon in the Animated style, but with the darker story in the Movie
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    Too easy.

    My series would follow the crazy, all-girl adventures of Elita-1 and her band of amazon robo hotties as they try to bum their way across Cybertron and through space with no money, no credit cards, no food and a relentless debt collector (Shockwave) on their tails.

    Just awesome. :D 
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    I'd leave the serious, heavy-hitting series to the pros (Macromasters and War Within, anyone?) and instead pitch some suggestions for semi-frivolous Animated spinoffs. Try 'Wing Dings' - a series of hilarious shorts starring Blitzwing (fics already in progress). Silent Magnus' M.A.S.H. idea with a young Ratchet at the helm would be great. My logical follow-up to that one? Present-day curmudgeon Ratchet as Gregory House, perhaps with Minerva as Allison Cameron.
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    Transformers: Rollout!

    Wave 2
    Ironhide-Ford 5350/Elephant
    Cliffjumper-Red Ford Focus/Frog
    Tyrannitron-Remote Control Car/Dinosaur
    Trypticon-Bomber Jet/Two-headed Dragon
    Scrapper-Scoop Loader/Bull
    Bonecrusher-Bulldozer/Grizzly Bear
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    Adaptations of The Lost Years (MUSH) or Corrosion of War Without End (fanfic).

    JOHNDILLINGA This Space For Rent!

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    Transformers: Endwar

    This is an Idea i had back in my heavy Fanfic writing days on tfd, (Universe of sorts without puke colored repaints) I would have based characters off current toys at the time (Including some of my repaints) but as of recently I have dusted off this concept and i am applying it to my Post G-1 fanfic (As it will replace G-2 in my mind) and touch on the ill effects of Nucleon on the Transformers race.

    Basicly Cybertron is in ruins Megatron has beaten back the remaining Autobots with overwhelming forces of drones (Think Vehicon like/Armada game drones) Both Megatron and Optimus are seriously injured and rebuilt into their Voyager Classics molds with Optimus's being a Blank shell copy of my Custom Classics Ultra Magnus.
    The Autobots flee Cybertron in a few space worthy Starcrusiers that remain on Cybertron that were not fueled with Nucleon (As it was thought to be the Uber alternitive fuel that would replace the dwindling Energon supplies except it's prolonged usage caused systems shutdowns, Insanity, and death for both sides).

    The Nucleon side effects in my fanfic would have sidelined a lot of favorite characters or outright killed them. I haven't writen anything more to what I do have recently but I want to atleast get 20 chapters out of the way before I post it, im somewhere near 12 or 13 roughly.

    I still need to finish working on my sidetracked Alternators season 2 fanfic...
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    A story with it's on universe, borrowing from various realities but making it unique. I would use the whole "Prime as a rank" deal from Animated, and rather than Optimus and Megatron leading, those two (along with some of their main men) would be legendary figures who were lost aeons ago during a climatic battle. Like in the original comics, Cybertron is a wandering planet and after all these ages, the planet is once more entering the milkyway.

    The story would start out with Cybertron still at war, and the Decepticons are winning. The autobots fight on Cybertron using guerrilla warfare tactics. The first six or seven episodes would take ENTIRELY on Cybertron so that it not only clarifies the situation, but helps make Cybertron have meaning to the audience. Afterwards, the Autobots and Decepticons will receive faint signals of cybertronian origin coming from Earth, and the story splits between the Tranformers who head to Earth hoping to find their lost champions and those who remain on Cybertron.

    On Cybertron:

    Ultra Magnus (AKA Ultra Prime): Optimus' best friend, he refused to use the title of Prime after Optimus' apparent death. One of the oldest living Autobots, he leads their dwindling forces with determination, believing that one day his friend will return to end this war once and for all. Alt-mode: Cybertronian Carrier.

    Springer: Magnus' second-in-command, he acts as a foil to both Magnus' sometimes cautious approach and the younger 'bots' over eagerness. He was created at the same time as Jetfire and so the two are brothers. For a long time Springer hated Jetfire, while secretly hoping that he could somehow convince his brother to return to the Autobots. After finally realizing that it would never happen, Springer now pities Jetfire and seeks only to end his brother's miserable existence. Alt-Mode: Cybertronian Jet.

    Twin Twist: A wild berserker who destroys anything that gets in his way on the battlefield, Twin Twist's actions border on self-destruction at times. The cause for his barely contained rage is the murder of his brother Top Spin by the Decepticons Kickback and Jetfire. Alt-Mode: Cybertronian Tank.

    Rattrap: The dour and pessimestic leader of the Autobot Spy Network, Rattrap has a long-standing feud and mutual respect for his Decepticon opposite Soundwave. A skilled sniper in his time, Rattrap still finds his training needed on occassion. Alt-Mode: Cybertronian Motorcycle.

    Shockwave: A cold and calculating leader, Shockwave was once Megatron's head assassin. It was during this time that he learned much of how eliminate or torture his targets by experiment on captured Autobots. After Megatron's disappearance he took over through a series of brutal assassinations and back-stage deals. Alt-mode: Cybertronian Low-rider.

    Jetfire: Born an autobot, Jetfire was a powerful and well-decorated fighter for centuries on Cybertron. During a botched mission to eliminate a powerful Decepticon commander, Jetfire's team was eliminated by the Predacons, Shockwave's elite group of assassins. As the sole-survivor, Jetfire was tortured and tormented until, broken, he believed that the Autobots had no chance of victory and turned on the Autobots. To prove his loyalty, he was forced to kill his fellow Autobot, Topspin, on the field of battle.Alt-Mode: Cybertronian Jet Fighter.

    Kickback: A twisted and cruel 'Con, Kickback's chief joy in life is causing misery in others. Once an assassin alongside Shockwave, he leadership of the Predicons when the latter become the Decepticon leader. It was Kickback who convinced Jetfire to join the Decepticons after killing the rest of the autobot's team and torturing him afterwards. Alt-Mode: Cybertronian Car.

    Soundwave: Self-serving and out for only himself in the long run, Soundwave is the leader of the Decepticon espionage group. He has rivalries with both Rattrap and Kickback, the later of whom distrusts Soundwave immensely. Despite his selfish nature, he has a relationship of mutual respect with Rattrap, and once spared the other's life as "there'd be no one worth matching wits against" if he killed his Autobot counterpart. He served Megatron before the Decepticon leader's disappearance. Alt-Mode: Cybertronian Communications vehicle.

    On Earth:

    Rodimus Prime: Leader of the earth forces. Although a rookie at being a Prime, Rodimus based his entire career as an autobot on immitating Optimus Prime. Ultra Magnus faced grave opposition in sending a group to Earth find Optimus, and so chose Rodimus, knowing that this novice Prime would do everything in his power to find his hero. Alt-mode: Sports Car.

    First Aid: The best auto-surgeon in the galaxy, First Aid was assigned to Rodimus' team to restore Optimus once he was found. Compassionate to a fault, First Aid only fights in order to stop innocents from being injured. First Aid was once a Prime himself, but stepped down from that role long ago when his Autobot cell was destroyed by rare rusting disease. Alt-Mode: Ambulance.

    Smokescreen: Smokescreen is the best tracker the Autobots have, and their most ruthless warrior. Ages ago, Smokescreen was one of two survivors of a Decepticon attack on an Autobot colony, along with his friend Inferno. Tracked by some of the Decepticon forces, Inferno was badly injured and Smokescreen refused to leave his side. Throwing his friend down the steep cliff before them, his friend then turned and attempted to take out as many Decepticons as possible before his core failed. Personally trained by Rattrap in the art of sabotage. Alt-Mode: Earth Car.

    Starscream: Shockwave chose Starscream to lead the search for Megatron because he knows that Starscream once served under Megatron, and remembers the abuse he and his fellow Decepticons suffered under the tyrant Starscream's goal is to ensure neither Megatron nor Optimus ever return to Cybertron. Alt-mode: Sukhoi PAK FA.

    Rampage: Articulate but unstable, Rampage often works as a shock troop and raider for the Decepticons. He was among those who destroyed Smokescreen's colony -- a fact he often mentions when the two come face to face. He dislikes most of his fellow Decepticons and is openly insubordinate to Starscream.Alt-Mode: APC.

    and... I'm out of ideas.
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    I want a story where Megatron is not a villain but rather a misunderstood Autobot with a good side and a powerful dark side. He constantly fights to control his personalities, but his dark half only grows stronger and begins to consume him as time passes. Megatron is constantly seeking a cure for his illness while the Autobots see him as nothing more than a threat.
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    Transformers: Rollout!

    Wave 3
    Snarl-Ford Focus/Stegosaurus
    Sludge-Ford Explorer/Apatosaurus
    Prowl-Chevy Camaro Police Car/Shepard Dog
    Kickback-Jet/Grass Hopper
    Bombshell-Big Jet/Rhino beetle
    Sharpenel-Jet/Stag Beetle
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    basically beast wars story with classic (vehicle) character designs. either that or a reality T.V show with transformers with shockwave as the host.
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    How megatron formed into an evil mastermind how starscream became the back-stabber to megatron and how Optimus formed into a heroic and powerfull leader taking place on cybertron and NO DAMN HUMANS.
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    Transformers: Eternal Conflict

    After the end of Beast Wars, it appeared that Cybertron would finally be freed of the conflict that has torn the planet asunder for eons.

    Peace led to the dissolution of the Prime council. As a final act, however, the council agrees to release some of the imprisoned Decepticon/Predacon war criminals, believing peace and abundant energy will remove the evil from their sparks. Data hacker, Ravage, who has hidden among the Maximals in the shadows, sees this as an opportunity. He secretly changes the information in the recreation process, allowing for Megatron, Shockwave, and Soundwave to be reborn. However, instead of the unified Decepticon front he imagined, Megatron and Shockwave immediately begin to battle for power, each recruiting Cybertronians offering them an option... Death or loyalty.

    Worst of all, Starscreams ghost has built a powerful body, infused with Ore13, through manipulation of various robotics experts in the universe. Now going by the name King Starscream, he is flanked by his long lost brothers, Thundercracker and Skywarp. They have conquered and enslaved a sector of the galaxy, which includes the planet Nebulous. When he hears the name Megatron, he is driven mad, and turns his attention to Megatrons immediate destruction.

    An SOS from Optimus Primal reaches an exploration ship at the edge of the universe. Optimus Prime, Ultra Magnus, and Rodimus Prime are horrified to hear 'THE' Megatron has returned, along with Shockwave, and they are tearing Cybertron apart.

    With Megatron and Shockwave's battle threatening to destroy Cybertron, and Starscream and his army on a collosion course, how will Cybertrons hero's defend the universe?


    Megatron - Reborn and PISSED OFF, Megatron seeks peace through tyranny. He believes peace is only true and absolute if he controls it, anything less is unacceptable.

    Shockwave - Imprisonment has led Shockwave to realize his faith in Megatron was misplaced. While still very logical, the fact that his deductions on Megatron were false. has lead him to have a homicidal side - Being wrong enraged him, and killing calms that rage. He will not stop until Megatron is destroyed and peace is returned to Cybertron. He believes that he is doing what is good - logically - killing Megatron will return Cybertron to peace. If that means collateral damage, these to him are acceptable losses. He doesn't view the Autobots/Maximals as enemies, but if they impede his quest to kill Megatron, they are also acceptable losses.

    Soundwave - No longer cares for the constant faction wars. Has become an spy and works for the highest bidder, alongside his sullen partner, Ravage. He founds a group of mercenaries, spies, and exterminators. Known associates are Blaster, Lockdown, and Bludgeon.

    Ravage - Has become extremely dispondent, as he believed Megatron would quickly overtake the weakened Cybertron, with minimal losses, and that he would be given a position of power with Megatron. Feels responsible for all the death and destruction around him... He now realizes how beautiful Cybertron was without war and seeks to return it to that state.

    Blaster - A disagreement with Ultra Magnus left Blaster very bitter. A chance meeting with his old foe, Soundwave, lead to an eye opening conversation... Blaster now realizes life is better when you are wealthy and powerful. He joins Soundwave as a business partner, and enjoys occasionally sabotaging plans for some of his former colleagues.

    Lockdown - The legendary mercenary hasn't had much work with this peace and all. He welcomes the war, it affords him more work than he can handle. Working with SOundwave has given him persepective, and has made him an even more lethal killing machine. He serves as a conscience to his insane brother, Bludgeon.

    Bludgeon - He is a serial killer simply put. He only does this job because it affords him the chance to kill. He admires his brother, Lockdown. He knows he is insane, and being around Lockdown helps him to control it. But when he can't, he goes and finds a bot he believes is evil, and murders them. (modeled after Darkly Dreaming Dexter)

    Starscream - Time as a ghost gave him the ability to control and manipulate all forms of sentinent life through spark projection. He used this power to build an army, as well as a powerful new body. He now rules an entire galaxy. He is a rather benevolent (although arrogant) ruler. He thought he wanted the universe, but the people and bots of his galaxy have given him contentment. But when he hears Megatron has returned, he is driven mad, and can only focus on one thing... Megatrons capture, subsequent torture, humiliation, and eventual murder at his hands. He is willing to send an entire galaxy to war to make this happen.

    Thundercracker - Was revived by Starscream, and honestly, enjoys his job. He is Starscreams ambassador to foreign worlds, and has finally found something he believes in. He is Starscreams closest and most trusted friend. This war Starscream seeks to start, threatens that peace. How long can he remain faithful to Starscream?

    Skywarp - Is a jerk. He continues to bully people, and some say many of the natural disasters in the universe are caused by him. Working with Starscream is fun y'know? He is untouchable, allowed free range for practical jokes, and gets to hang out with buddies, Ramjet, Thrust and Dirge.

    Optimus Prime - Not having to fight anymore suits him fine, collecting data on the universe is much more enthralling. But when Megatron returns, he knows it's his duty to fight against him. Although weary of war, he picks up his ion rifle again, ready to do whats necessary.

    Rodimus Prime - Being with Optimus all these years has prepared him for war... He has studied and soaked up knowledge from him. Although he hates what it's doing to Cybertron, he looks forward to using this vast knowledge to fight against the Decepticon/Predacon threat.

    Ultra Magnus - As Optimus best friend, he is the only one Prime confides in. He is Prime's equal as a warrior, but lacks his ability to inspire and lead. He prays Optimus makes it through - because he honestly doesn't believe he or Rodimus can lead them to victory against this threat.

    Optimus Primal - Trying his hardest to hold onto some piece of Cybertron, he is desperately short on men, and trying to survive until Optimus Prime can rally autobot/maximal forces. He can't wait to shake hands with, and meet, Prime. he just wonders if he'll live long enough to do so....
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    Transformers: The Great War.

    Characters: Autobots.

    Optimus Prime: Leader of the Autobots, recently promoted after the death of Sentinel Prime.

    Ultra Magnus: General of the Autobot Milita. Extensive battle experience and mentor to Optimus Prime. A comrade of Galvatron in the Old Wars.

    Ironhide: Optimus Prime’s bodyguard and Deputy commander. Once a member of the Imperial Guardians.

    Prowl: Autobot Intelligence, Counter Intelligence and Tactical Director.

    Jazz: Commander of the Autobot Special Forces, an old friend of Optimus.

    Arcee: Jazz’s protégé and second in command of the Special Forces.

    Chromia: Heavy weapons expert and frontline soldier. A personal history with Ironhide.

    Secondary Characters:

    Ratchet: Autobot Chief of Medical and long time friend to Ultra Magnus and Ironhide.

    Sunstreaker: a former psychologically afflicted soldier recently returned to duty. During a relapse to his destructive and delusional episodes, only his brother can calm him,

    Sideswipe: Sunstreaker’s brother and comrade in arms. To keep his tormented brother’s mind occupied he often encourages juvenile pranking of senior officers.

    Firestar: a young medic under Ratchet’s tutelage. Seems to carry a flame for the Dynobot Swoop after he saves her from a Decepticon patrol.

    Characters: Decepticons.

    Megatron: Former Pit Fighter, Gladiator and eventual student of Galvatron, co-ruler of Cybertron with Sentinel Prime. Murdered Galvatron and framed Sentinel Prime to start the Great War.

    Starscream: Second in command of the Decepticons, Marshall of the Seekers and mech of philosophy, intelligence and loyalty to the cause of returning Cybertron to her former glory. A skilled flier and swordsman. Former member of the Imperial Guardians.

    Soundwave: Megatron’s first lieutenant and most trusted and loyal follower and confidante. His unquestionable loyalty to Megatron is born from Megatron saving him from a violent end in his youth.

    Astrotrain: An infamous seducer, soldier and adventurer who joined up because the war looked like another great adventure.

    Swindle: Avowed profiteer who joined the Decepticons after they broke him out of prison. Uses his extensive contacts on and off Cybertron to acquire fuel, weapons, equipment and occasionally mercenaries.

    Slipstream (f): Starscream’s disciple and student. A young femme with a tortured and bleak psyche when Starscream found and helped her. Occasionally suffers night terrors and battle psychosis.

    Nightbird (f): Professional thief, spy and martial arts expert. Joining the Decepticons gave her a certain amount of freedom to indulge her need of stealing with information gathering. Numerous run in with Prowl and Jazz.

    Secondary Characters:

    Skywarp: Starscream’s youngest sibling and wingman. A lover of practical jokes and easy going living. Starscream tolerates his jokes because he knows it is Skywarps’ coping mechanism. Like his brother, a competent swordsman.

    Thundercracker: Starscream’s older sibling and the smartest of the three, although most of his knowledge is based on theory rather than practice. A precise flier and competent swordsman.

    Ram: The epitome of ‘tank’. A large imposing Decepticon warrior whose loyalty is promised to those with the greatest willingness to indulge his psychotic and destructive impulses.

    Shockwave: Scientist, propagandist and master manipulator. It was he who convinced Megatron of his ‘right to rule’ and funded the creation of the Decepticons. Lost a hand and most of his face in a lab experiment.

    Other characters:

    Sentinel Prime: Former leader of the Autobot Militia and co ruler of Cybertron until his murder. A wise, if not over indulgent leader.

    Galvatron: An old and powerful Cybertronian warrior who tutored Ultra Magnus and took Megatron as his protégé but ultimately betrayed by Megatron’s lust for power and conquest.

    Grimlock: An old, powerful Cybertronian warrior from an ancient Religion known as the Chosen of Primus. Grimlock and his four brothers in arms, the Dynobots, feel that they are charged to guard all of Cybertron’s holy sites and relics.

    Swoop: The youngest of the Dynobots and the most fallible and one least comfortable with some of the oaths he has taken. After meeting Firestar, becomes enamoured with her.

    Slag: He is Grimlock’s most vicious and fundamentalist warrior, a mech who will pray for peace and serenity but will mercilessly destroy those who desecrate the old Holy Sites.

    Sludge: The gentle giant among them: though physically the largest of the five, Sludge has an artist’s heart and a poet’s soul. He is a fierce fighter as all of his brothers are but his passion is using words and images to glorify Primus and his teachings.

    Snarl: The quietest and most subdued of the five, a philosopher at heart who sits and ponders some of the questions posed by other great thinkers of Cybertron’s past and hopes one day, when the fighting has stopped he too can ask questions that others will ponder for years to come.

    Settings and Locations:

    Primary locations:

    Iacon: the contested Capital City of Cybertron where the least fighting occurs. Split in three distinct sectors: one under Autobot control, one under Decepticon control and one sector of Neutral allegiance, mainly controlled by former Templars and Guardians.

    Autobot sector:

    Forward Operations base, Fortress Maximus is the primary Autobot stronghold in Iacon. A heavily armed battle fortress and command station fully equipped with science, medical, and living quarters. To its rear is a spaceport with short and long-range shuttles.

    Central Hospital: the home and workplace of Ratchet and Firestar: the epicentre of all medical knowledge and technology on Cybertron.

    The Prison: once a secure facility housing Cybertron’s criminal element, it was the first target of a Decepticon raid. Now it serves as a makeshift listening post near to Decepticon controlled Iacon.

    Residential units, science labs and civilian workshops make up the majority of Autobot territory, although most of it is untouched, those closer to the boarders have been abandoned or fortified to make boarder outposts.

    The two major sections of Autobot controlled Iacon are an Energon refinery and a mine that produces both Cybertanium, the basic metal in the construction of all things on Cybertron and the rarer and more coveted Cybertonium: used to build vital components for Cybertronian’s themselves.

    Decepticon sector:

    Central Command base, Scorponok is Megatron’s seat of power, an ancient space faring battle cruiser that was decommissioned after the last of the Old Wars and became a Warrior’s Hall with training rooms, medical facilities and relaxation chambers.

    Constructicon Smelting and Metallurgy, the Constructicons are among Cybertron’s premiere craftsmen of metal and circuitry and master engineers and builders.

    Iacon Airbase is also located within Decepticon held territory allowing for a significant strategic advantage for the Decepticon Air force over their Autobot counterparts.

    Most of Decepticon territory comprises of warehouses and other industrial complex manufacturing and fabrication plants and some military science laboratories. These plants enable the Decepticons to manufacture weapons, munitions and other items to assist in their war effort.

    Their two most major facilities within their control are the Global Radar Control Tower and the Primary Power Station. Although the lockouts prevent a total shut down of the Autobot and Neutral Territory they have managed to ensure random rolling blackouts in their sectors.

    Most of the combat in Iacon that occurs are patrol skirmishes. These are mainly caused by resources raids that occur: usually under cover of darkness, Autobots cross into Decepticon held areas to make use of the fabrication plants on the outskirts and likewise, Decepticon raiding parties make runs on the mine to try and get metal for use in the smelters and fabrication plants.

    Kytanium Plains: a very dangerous sector of Cybertron, the fine metal dust that coats these plains is highly flammable, making any skirmish here over very quickly as the dust often coats the combatants and the heat from directed energy weapons causes it to ignite and cause irreparable damage to the unfortunate mech who is coated in it.

    Sites of importance: one Decepticon base and one Autobot SpecOps outpost.

    Irridium Pass: the site of the second largest Decepticon base. Nestled within a deep mountainous area of Cybertron, it is a rear staging ground and backup command centre should the Autobots retake the Decepticon sector of Iacon.

    The base also contains the Decepticon’s best and foremost laboratory on advanced sciences.

    Praxongate: an Autobot stronghold and the undoubted power in the western hemisphere of Cybertron. Under the direct command of Ultra Magnus, it is where the Autobots plan to construct New Iacon should their sector fall…

    Holy Sites.

    The Temple of Primus: held in Neutral territory, this large but simple building contains the image of Primus and the original copy of His teachings etched in two large slabs of Cybertonium

    The Templars Citadel: a set of four large towers with connecting walls. The centre of it is a large training field and a chapel for dawn prayer. Although once it housed over a thousand Templars, its only remaining occupants are the Dynobots who have taken it upon themselves to guard the Holy Sites.

    The Obsidian Guardian: a large Statue made of black Cybertanium of the first Imperial Guardian. It is a place of pilgrimage for the Templars and the Imperial Guardians also visit once per solar cycle to kneel at its feet and recite their oath.

    Military Assets

    The Navy.

    The Arc: a diplomatic vessel retrofitted for combat after the Decepticons seized most of the Cybertronian Navy. Although most of the comforts have been stripped away, some more comfortable sections still remain so that Optimus can send delegations to other worlds and Neutral colonies outside of Cybertron’s direct control. Serves as capital ship of the Autobot controlled navy.

    The Nemesis: The flagship of the Cybertronian Navy and as befitting its position, a heavily armed and armoured warship. With the latest in their military research technology powering it, the Nemesis has allowed Megatron several decisive victories, however is lack of proper naval combat procedures has allowed the Arc to gain victory numerous times.

    Other naval vessels.

    The Gunner, Firefly, Breaker, Talon and Brightsun, a unit of corvettes under Autobot control.

    The Prowler, a Frigate under Autobot control.

    The Windshear, a heavy cruiser under Autobot control.

    The Switch Blade, a destroyer under Autobot control.

    The Hope, a battleship under Autobot control, the largest ship under direct Autobot command.

    The Star Killer, Fortitude, Slayer and Takedown: a unit of heavy cruisers under Decepticon control.

    The Monolith, Obsidian and Zarak: a unit of battleships under Decepticon control.

    The Rend, Firebreak and Sigma: a unit of frigates under Decepticon control.

    Okay I admit I went a little nuts, but the idea came to me and here it is. Enjoy or rip and tear.
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    It's like Josie and the Pussycats, but with ion blasters! Awesome!
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    Transformers Classics: The War Within

    Optimus Prime-Cybertronian Freightliner
    Bumblebee-Cybertronian Peugeot
    Cliffjumper-Red Cybertronian Peugeot
    Grimlock-Cybertronian Tank
    Terrorsaur-Cybertronian Sports Car
    Knockdown-Cybertronian Bulldozer
    Swoop-Cybertronian Jet
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    Transformers: the spark wars

    optimus prime: leader, futeristic semi truck
    stockade:rookie warrior, futeristic tank
    skydive:rookie recon, trains in ninjutsu, futeristic stealth fighter
    ironhide: seasoned trainer, futeristic missle tank
    sideburn: cold hardend ninja, futeristic muscle car
    prowl: metaliketo master, smooth talk'n warrior, futeristic military recon car
    roadbuster: brave ground commander, primes second in command, futeristic military supervehicle, similar to the tumbler
    swoop: computer hacker, metalik pteradactle with jet esq features
    grimlock: viking-like warrior of honor, metalik t-rex with tank esq features
    bumblebee: young spy: futeristic stealth vehicle
    whirl: young engineer, works with wheeljack, futeristic recon chopper
    wheeljack: seasoned engineer and inventer, futeristic SAAB esq car
    mirage: sneaky autobot ninja, futeristic motorbike

    megatron: decepticon leader, futeristic gunship
    starscream:traitoris decepticon warrior, futeristic fighter jet
    thundercracker: air warrior, futeristic bomber jet
    skywarp: air ninja, futeristic stealth bomber
    shockwave: loyal second in command, futeristic tank
    soundwave: loyal info gatherer, futeristic communications vehicle
    bludgeon:master of metaliketo, prowls old trainer, futeristic armored hummer esq vehicle
    dreadwind: inteligant warrior, futeristic stealth bomber,
    darkwing: emo warrior, futeristic fighter jet, combines with dreadwind to create dreadwing
    barricade: sneaky recon officer, futeristic armored truck
    scorponok:loyal warrior, metalik scorpian- jet
    wasp: speedy recon, betrayed by bumblebee on cybertron, futeristic lambo
    stinger: wasps targetmaster partner, blaster rifle
    cyclonus: loyal air warrior, futeristic stealth jet
    scourge: loyal barbarian, futeristic chopper
    tankor: extremely loyal warrior, futeristic tank
    obsidian:inteligant partner of tankor, futeristic osprey copter
    sweeps: thousands and thousands of scourges warriors

    thats it for now....
  18. Ravenxl7

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    Jun 7, 2006
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    Transformers: Sparklings

    Basically model it after the Baby Looney Tunes show, with the following cast-

    -Optimus Pirme- the Bugs Bunny of the group
    -Bumblebee- the Tweety of the group
    -Ultra Magnus
    -Grimlock & other Dinobots- the Taz of the grooup
    -Elita-1- the Lola of the group

    -Megatron- the Daffy of the group
    -Soundwave & minions
    -the Constructicons/Devastator

    Then for the Granny character, have a Peter Cullen like character (voiced by him if possible). As the show goes along they could also introduce other characters, like Prowl, Jazz, and the other Seekers, but I think it should start off with a smaller cast. Maybe even less than what I put above. As a homage to G1, they could have the Dinobots in a sort of play pen (think of the Rugrats expandable fencing stuff), basically homaging their cave.

    I got the idea for this after baby sitting one of my cousins. They happend to be into Looney Tunes at the time, and this show was something they watched while I was there. Hasbro could even make Robot Heroes figures from it.

    Another TF show I'd like to see, is essentially a show just about the Dinobots. Not sure what they could call it, but it would make for a great show, imo. Basically have the show revolve around them and what they get into. Kinda like Animated's main focus is on the Autobot repair crew.
  19. frenzy.mp3

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    Transformers: Universe(Cartoon)

    Optimus Prime-Hard to explain, but Think Animated Ratchet and Prowl(War Vet., Not Really a Team Player, tends to show off.) Dual wields Ion Pistols

    Bumblebee-Similar to Animated 'Bee, but more TEEN appeal than Kid. Uses an Electro claw -melee weapon that converts to Jetpack

    Rodimus Prime-Optimus' "student", Leads the Autobots on Earth

    Mirage-High Society turned Soldier, retains G1 powers

    Grimlock-Hardened War Vet., Was in Optimus' platoon, Came to Earth during the time of the Dinosaurs, Acts similar to G1 Grimlock upon discovery but eventually chills

    Prowl-Young Autobot officer, Prick

    Ironhide-The "Secretary of Defense" on Cybertron, was in Optimus' platoon along with Grimlock during the Great War

    Ratchet-The "Surgeon General" of Cybertron, Exstensive Medical knowelge(Both Technological and Organic) Field Medic during the Great War

    Jetfire- Young Decepticon-turned-Autobot. Weapons Specialist

    Sunstreaker- Has a Silver-Medal in the Ego Olympics. Thinks he's the most sexy thing on two legs and four wheels. Tad of a Psychotic streak.

    Sideswipe-Rule-bender. Often keep his older brother, Sunstreaker in check.

    Inferno-Part of Rodimus' Team, Vengeful for the murder of his best friend, Red Alert. A bit trigger-happy.

    Powerglide-Has a Bronze-Medal in the ego olympics. Show-off.

    Silverbolt-Near-identical to G1 Namesake

    Bluestreak-Near identical to G1 Namesake

    Hound-Loves Earth, desires to be human. Posess G1 powers of Illusion casting

    Jazz-Also loves Earth(Mostly culture and technology)

    Hot Shot-Rodimus' younger brother, Slightly annoying, but has his uses.

    Arcee-Rodimus' paramour. Expert sharpshooter, Fierce but kind.

    Decepticons and more later.
  20. Nocturn

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    Everyone is angry. Profane.

    Optimus' empire has swelled to a point where many worlds are inhabitated by Autobots, who are increasingly... disconcerted by the whole ordeal.

    Enter fan characters with swords.:dunce 

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