Craziest deals you've been through

Discussion in 'Transformers Toy Discussion' started by Scythe, Aug 27, 2009.

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    What have been the craziest deal you guys have been through? Post the most insane, laughable, up the wall deal you just couldn't wait to get it over with.

    I'll go first. I have a few to post, but I'll start with the craziest one in my opinion. This one's about THE PHANTOM BOAR, NYA!

    About two months ago, I spoke to a seller that my friend knows who had some bots to sell. I got in contact with him because I wanted another BW Razorbeast since one of my friends asked me for my old RB because she thinks piggies are cute... So, I didn't mind. I decided to look for a new one since RB was so kick ass in the BW comics. So my friend told me about the guy who he usually buys TF's from. I spoke to him and he said he wanted $400.00 for his Razorbeast. I said: god no! About a week later, he calls my cell and tells me I need to stop by his house, I said hell no. About four days go by and he calls me again and said he's had it, he wants me to go pick up his RB because it's possessed by something. Ever since he got it bad luck was destroying him. I didn't believe it at first, but then he grabbed my address from a past paypal transaction that I had completed with him and he mailed me the lil' bugger to my house. I arrived at home around 5:00pm to find it sitting in my room. Yeah, it kinda creeped me out since my brother had taken it out of the box and sat him in my bed in a relaxed fashion, but I've had him for several weeks and I found 20 bucks on the floor one time while I was transforming him out in the park when I took my nephew out to play.

    So yeah. I phoned the donator, and said thanks, if he wanted any money for him, and he just no, he never wants to hear from it again. I'm stll puzzled about that, so yeah. There was mine.

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