couple quick,silly WTF moments

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    didnt really see any other place to put this,move if needed.

    i had a G1 episode on and my girl,who has a very basic knowledge of this stuff,is in the room but not watching and happens to look up to just catch the autobots charging out of the open side door of the parked shuttle mode sky-lynx,quick cut to a shot of sky-lynx splitting up and launching into action after the rest of the autobots.she goes "WTF? i thought that was their ship!" i was like "well,yeah it was.thats sky-lynx".

    same circumstances she caught wreck-gar doing curly from 3 stooges.i hadda go "it's a culture thats obssesed with junk and tv signals..."

    i had a really cool moment myself a few weeks ago-going about my nightly ritual,the monster from the lost island had stopped over and i sat down to watch whatever was next in line which turned out to be "the girl who loved powerglide".and i'm into it,the jets are just houndin them,and i'm kinda "absorbed" if ya know.and i see the jets swoop in and theres this quick close up of dirge,uncle sam style.and he going "AUTOBOT?meet your dooommm!" with that froggy voice as the camera closes in on him with the fuckin uncle sam finger pointed at ya!?! oh my fuckin god,that little thing,the way it was placed in the episode,just the "ok,this is what my intentions are" boldness,how friggin cool of a character dirge is,for whatever reason that bit made a big impression on me.

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