Customs: Couple of quick questions about Adhesion Promoters/Primers

Discussion in 'Creative General Discussion' started by Sharkysharky, May 30, 2010.

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    Well just when I thought I'd got to grips with the basics of painting (Sand, clean, primer, paint, clear coat), something called Adhesion Promotors have reared their ugly heads and blew me out of the water. Can someone give a noob a few pointers please ?

    1) What are they, how do they work ?

    2) At what point do you apply them ? Before the primer ?

    3) Can they be applied through an airbrush ? If so what do you use to clean the brush afterwards ?

    4) Also on the subject of airbrushes, if you apply a primer through an airbrush, what can you clean it out with ?

    5) Also, what's the best technique for painting rubbery parts such as Energon Unicrons Shoulders, Pincers, etc ?

    Thanks guys !
  2. Mathius Maximus

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    I can't answer all your questions, but an adhesive promoter should act the same as primer and is typically considered better for plastics (at least in the automotive industry) than traditional primer. Also, adhesive promoters are clear a lot of the time, and that has its uses as well like if you wanted to show the bare metal, you could apply an adhesive promoter and clearcoat over that instead of using a primer basecoat. Your bare metal would still show, but assuming you used a quality adhesive promotor and clearcoat you should have some longer lasting protection from rust or other oxidating effects depending on the metal you're using.


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    Did you happen to see the thread JinSatome made about the adhesion promoters? Or is that where you found out about them? Anyway, I think the idea behind the promoter is that is more or less replaces the primer. It kind of makes the paint bond better almost like it allows the paint to bond to the plastic on a molecular level, this is just a guess, but it's like... it makes the paint, any paint, stronger than what it would be on its own, or even with primer. I think. Go ask MATTICUS PRIME, he works in the autobosy industry, and he's the fella that introduced me to the stuff. As for use and clean up, I know that yes it can be applied through an airbrush, but clean up, I'm not to sure about. If you are worried about it, I hear that you can buy promoters in spray cans as well. Hope that helps a little bit :) 

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