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    I realize this isn't the best selection of stuff, but they do need a better home, so, going up for grabs. Prices aren't set in stone, and I would prefer to sell.

    Feedback as follows- to scroll down a ways),, Krilzedlim II), (as Krilzedlim), and

    Pictures are available here under the "Transformers" section (Kickback under the custom grade section). Everything else pictured is available as well, so feel free to ask about any of it.

    All are complete and loose

    Shipping not included in prices

    $40 for everything Transformers (regular - $55)

    G1 Kickback junker - single wing indent version (broken left antenna; lower right arm missing; general chrome wear on wings, outer side of non-indent wing has HEAVY wear; stickers in really good condition (right leg side one a little less so); good TIGHT joints (indent wing a little loose at points); rub sign works perfect) - $5

    Beast Machines-
    Beast Riders
    Mechatron (2nd release, purple) $3
    Che (1st release, yellow) $3
    Che (2nd release, purple) $3
    Supreme Cheetor $15 (opened but comes reboxed, has instructions and fresh batteries)

    Energon Battle Ravage (has tail, both feet, missle, missle launcher, other gun, no energon chip) - $3

    Cybertron Skywarp (has missle, no cyberkey) (missle is slightly bent but does fire)- $3

    McDonalds Beast Machines figures - set of 9 figures (Optimus Primal, Megatron, Tankor, Blackarachnia, Cheetor, Rattrap, Nightscream, Thrust, Jetstorm). Includes original bags (opened), all original trays, any coupons/promo bits they came with, and both Happy Meal boxes - $10 (available as the set only) (if you want the three figs below I'll throw them in if you buy this)

    McDoanlds Armada Starscream - $1

    McDonalds Armada Smokescrean (missing grey crane attachment) - $.50

    Armada Opitmus Prime pen (extra paint details added, pen parts removed) - $1

    Instructions - $1 each
    TM2 Blackarachnia

    Cardbacks - $1 each
    Rav 2nd version
    Dil 2nd version
    Mol 2nd version
    Mechatron 2nd version
    Che 1st version
    Che 2nd version

    Silent Screamers pairs (will NOT split pairs up, both come complete as possible (only missing the packaging bubble) - $20 each (currently for sale only)
    Nosferatu - Graf Orlock/Knock Reinfield (sepia tone)
    The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari - Dr. Caligari/Caesar (sepia tone)

    PC games :
    Diablo (sealed box) - $5
    The Sims + Living Large Expantion pack - $10
    Everquest - Planes of Power (opened, never used) - $3
    Sim Theme Park + strategy guide - $8
    Final Fantasy : The Spirits Within CD-ROM cards (blister pack of four) x2 (one opened but still carded) - $2 each
    Al Unser Jr. Arcade Racing - $2
    Star Trek Deep Space Nine - Harbinger Holosuite Missions (demo for full Harbinger game)- $1
    Hidden & Dangerous - Devil's Bridge (expantion pack to Hidden & Dangerous) - $1
    Blue Byte software demo disk (demos for : Battle Isle 2220, Albion, The Settlers II, Archimedean Dynasty) - $1
    Pinball 2000 - $1(plus free shipping) or free if you buy anything else
    Lego Friends - FREE with FREE SHIPPING

    Ice & Fire - $2 (still sealed, some sort of 3D shooter)
    After Dark screensaver (sealed) - $5

    Playstation 1 games - $3 each (lot for $25, includes storage rack)
    WWF War Zone
    WCW Nitro
    WWF Attitude
    WWF Smackdown
    WWF Smackdown 2 : Know Your Role
    ECW Hardcore Revolution
    EA NHL 99
    EA Tiger Woods 99 PGA Tour Golf
    EA Triple Play Baseball
    EA Triple Play 2001
    EA NBA Live 2000
    EA Madden NFL 99

    PS2 Games-
    Star Wars Battlefront - $10

    NES (not sure if these work, and I have no way to check, all come in original box, and should have ALL original packing materials [sleeves, styrofoam, manual, inserts, etc.])
    Silent Service - $6
    Jack Nicklous Golf (Konami) $6
    Adventures of Tom Sawyer $6
    Adventures in the Magic Kingdom $4 (UPC removed from box)
    Road Runner $6
    Snake, Rattle & Roll $10
    Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt (has black sleeve, comes in rental case) -$3
    The Legend Of Zelda (grey cart version, comes in rental case) - $3

    SNES -
    Donky Kong Country (cart only, I THINK it has a 100%+ game on it)- $3
    Madden '96 (complete with box and all paperwork)- $4
    EA NBA Showdown (complete with box and all paperwork)- $4
    Captain Novolin - $100 (REALLY hard to find game, still in the original shrink wrap) (sale ONLY, NOT up for trade)


    Robot Heroes Bumblebee/Soundwave (prefrerably carded)
    loose G1 Warpath
    loose G1 Powerglide
    loose G1 Sinnertwin (complete as possible)

    Robot Heroes (preferably carded where applicable)
    Opitmus Prime/Ravage
    Bumblebee/Soundwave (PRIORITY)
    Matrix Prime/Unicron
    Decepticon Sneak Attack (mostly looking for Holo-Mirage, Cliffjumper, and Skywarp, but will take the full set, loose prefereed)
    (NOT looking for movie figures)
    Optimus Primal/Tarantulas
    Silverbolt/Transmetal Megatron
    BM Cheetor/BM Tankor
    RID Optimus Prime/RID Megatron
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