Customs: could these mods work for optimal optimus/primal prime?

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    Mar 17, 2007
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    i have been giving this a bit of thought lately people

    that piece that folds out of optimal optimus/primal primes gorilla chest

    would it be possible to mod the front set of tires in such a way that each front tire would at the plug holeon the outer side of each tire be permanently epoxy glued into place on the rod nob on either figures lower arms but with it being done in sucha way mod wise tha in ground based vehicle mode the set of tires could still lock together into place on the piece that folds out of the gorilla chest when the figure is transformed to its land based vehicle mode?

    would it also be possible to set the folding tire mount parts up in front of the chest in beast mode so that they could serve as a set of fold away chest mounted laser cannons in beast mode?

    lastly of all would armada scavenger's head be small enough to remold into a bm optimal megatron head and if so would it be possible to swap it out for optimal optimus's robot head in sucha way that the light up eye feature can still be used for the bm optimal megatron head?

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