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    Set in the Metaverse, before the main Autobot crew go to Earth. A brief look at the war has done to Cybertron, the introduction of another planet called Coror and a look at our favourite medic.

    The rain keeps falling.

    Ratchet cannot cry. As a sentient mechanical life-form, he lacks any form of tear ducts, lubricating layer or even a custom-made Energon valve that could leak to simulate the appearance of crying. Organics can cry; they do so to convey sadness. Well, the more intelligent ones will, at least.

    Regardless, he can't cry. And yet he wishes he could, as he stares at the great city of Iacon. Or more accurately, what used to be the great city of Iacon.

    Granted, the War has not torn it to the ground yet. The city stands strong and determined, protected by shield generators, massive walls, turrets and the majority of the Autobot forces that remain on Cybertron. Despite many attempts, the Decepticons have not yet breached the bastion of Autobot strength, the home of the legendary Optimus Prime and one of the locations of the few mystic Spark Wells that dotted the surface of Cybertron.

    But yet, it wasn't Iacon. There had been a time Iacon had shone so bright, even the sun above had to struggle to make itself known against the glow below. The buildings had been golden and silver, streaks of glistening crimson, deep blue, bright green or a dark purple across many of them.

    It had shone so brightly.

    The rain keeps falling, and Ratchet does not notice it.

    Then came the War, and the explosions and the death and the pollution and the destruction and everything that made so many Cybertronians certain that only extinction awaited them.

    Many of the buildings were charred and broken from where projectiles had struck them. Rubble littered the streets, colours blocked by soot and rust, and windows shattered; only the most important buildings to the War effort could afford to be repaired. Iacon's great wall had been erected to stave off the Decepticons, and it too was bleached black with the stain of assault, thought it stood strong to this day.

    Iacon didn't shine anymore. It may never shine again, so long as Autobot and Decepticon continued to hate, alienate and despise each other.

    The rain doesn't stop falling.

    There had been a time it didn't rain, you know. Cybertron's atmosphere was almost non-existent, inhospitable to any organic that requires aerobic respiration. A human, for example, would suffocate if they went to Cybertron without protective wear. There had been no clouds, no winds, no weathers. Just the sun shining above or the light of stars when the sky turned dark. Cybertron did not mind the lack of true atmosphere; it shined and it prospered, and it's inhabitants did not mourn the fact they didn't need to breathe.

    Then the War had choked Cybertron with smoke and fire and chemicals. Cybertron's skyline was polluted, blackened by the never-ending battle. It was almost sickenly ironic; Cybertron once had no atmosphere, no clouds, and now its War had crafted a demented horror of a sky.

    And then there was the rain.

    Ratchet wishes he could cry, as he gazes at Iacon, the blackened remnant of a glorious city. The major Autobot headquarters stood strong, but they were surrounded by the rubble of structures too late to escape the Decepticons. He is going to a new planet now, one called Earth, where Jazz hopes a new source of energy may be found. Optimus has sent him, Ratchet, and his apprentice, a young one named Evac, to accompany Jazz. It is a fresh start, one might say.

    Cybertron's black sky became just as terrible as the beings that fought beneath it. The chemicals within the everlasting cloud of smog reacted together, formed something deadly.

    Corrosive liquids fell from them, bringing pain and death wherever they fell. They were called the Acid Rains. Simple, blunt, descriptive.

    As luck would have it, Cybertron's vast territory included a planet predominantly composed of a green crystal, which was able to resist the corrosive properties of the Acid Rain. Autobot and Decepticon alike raced to the planet, which was named Coror in honour of the corrosion it had saved Cybertron from, and harvested as many crystals as they could ship back to their planet.

    Every important structure was now coated in a refined resin of the crystal, which itself was named Corrostop, and this resin protected them from the Acid Rain. But as you may expect, so many battles were waged over Coror that not enough Corrostop reached Cybertron in time to protect many other locations. Anywhere that wasn't protected by Coror's gift was ravaged by corrosion, blackening the once silver metal of their planet.

    Even the rain wished death upon Cybertron. Ratchet believed many of the other Autobots were right; this war would kill Cybertron. It would kill him, kill every Cybertronian, kill even the Spark Wells and the life they produced.

    The War would not stop until everything was dead.

    The rain keeps falling-

    "Ratchet! What are you doing?!"

    Evac is much bigger than his mentor, and is able to wrap his arms around the Chief Medic and drag him to the safety of the Zeta-1. Jazz and Wheeljack help Evac take Ratchet to the med-bay, and Bumblebee nervously clutches at Grimlock's short forelimb as he takes in the damage, Hound shaking his head in sadness as he closes the entrance hatch to the ship.

    The rain has been eating at Ratchet's silver armour, leaving ragged patches and exposed wires, sparking even now as remnants of the liquid continue their deadly work. His body is smouldering slightly from the corrosion, the wheels of his vehicle mode not longer perfectly round as acid eats at them, and his silver colouring is stained the deep green of the rain.

    Evac is hurriedly explaining to Jazz how Ratchet had just stood in the rain, staring at Iacon, ignoring the acid eating at him, as he drags his mentor to the decontamination chamber, but Ratchet ignores him, memory chips bringing him visions of a time Iacon had shone so brightly, even the sun had to struggle to match the glow below.

    The acid has eaten the area around his right optic, bursting a minor Energon valve. The glistening blue blood dribbles down Ratchet's cheek, and as he shutters his optics, it looks as though he is crying.

    Outside, the rain keeps falling.
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    My god, you are reallly good at juggling tenses. The paralellism is also just such a nice way to tie things together.

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