Cool diesel truck sound track for Optimus

Discussion in 'Transformers Movie Discussion' started by buickanddeere, Jun 16, 2008.

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    While this is months too late to think about incorporating into the 2nd movie, who knows? Or there will likely be the 3rd as well.
    Optimus Prime sounded as he should being a diesel truck sound track in the 1st movie as it implied great "power".
    Portions of these audio tracks or something similar would be outstanding for Optimus in a classic pursuit scene.
    You know the type, Optimous as a truck trying to make it to a destination on time . Or in pursuit of a Decepticon which as normally faster being some sort of aircraft. A screen shot of the dash gauges winding higher and higher into the yellow then red zones as Optimous keeps applying more throttle due to the dire circumstances , as he must go faster.
    The 2nd sound track on here from 1:57 seconds onwards as the 12V-71 is winding up before launch, hearing the turbo's spool up and begin to scream. Then as the start flag drops the engine continues revving & revving and revving yet higher. Sounds like Prime to me.
    This would be a fine piece of audio for Optimus just "given'er" . Add in plumbs of smoke from the stacks as he goes into emergency over ride for extra speed and power. Along with eight massive truck tires spinning dragster style putting power to the ground.

    The two titles to download are

    12V71TA 1966 Kenworth Tractor Puller Semi (Big Red Express) Warming Up (2.7MB)

    A few good sound clips here without the announcers voice.

    12V71TA 1966 Kenworth Tractor Puller Semi (Big Red Express) Pulling (1.3MB)

    Announcer describes the rig as it gets ready to pull.

    Best engine sounds here but the announcers is talking over much of it.
    Best from about 50 seconds with an engine description then amazing engine sounds from 1:57 seconds onwards.
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    Id be fine with just some old Motorhead and watch him drive through stuff MadMax style

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