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    Hope this is allowed

    Its a contest for to win a 100us gift cert from

    So here's what you do, customize a figure of a beloved character that will put the big boys (ie Mattel, Hasbro, etc) to shame. Make an ultimate version of a figure that could hardly ever be topped.

    There's also second and third place prizes.

    * The character you choose must have at least one existing action figure already on the market at some time.

    * New or old, and number of incarnations are not important, but we're judging against what is already out there

    * You may use existing action figure pieces, but we're looking for more than a head-swap or simple kit-bash. This is supposed to be the best action figure of that character we've ever seen.

    * All entries must be received by midnight of December 10th to qualify for the prize. Submission must include valid contact information, including email address and a selection of pictures wide enough in variety to properly judge the piece. If the photographs or fuzzy or if the judges have a hard time making out the details of your figure, the entry will be disqualified. Send entries to

    * The prize will be rewarded on December 15th. First place prize will be $100 gift certificate to, second place will be a $25.00 gift certificate to, third place will a $10 gift certificate to

    * Entries will be posted publicly here at shortly after December 15th. By submitting photos to this contest you give, Iron-Cow
    Productions, and permission to host and publically display these photos, and potentially use them in upcoming promotions.

    * Personnel from, Iron-Cow Productions, and will be the judges. All judges' decisions will be final.

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