Constructicon Weapons Type 2

Discussion in 'Wanted Items' started by jasonmako, Dec 7, 2010.

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    After seeing the original Constructicons Gift Set in the Williamsburg, Va Pottery when I was a kid and asking my Mom for it and she said it was too expensive (understandable), I
    just acquired a very very near mint Type 2 Takara/Hasbro - Large Forearm Hole - G1 Devastator from a local antique store. I am in search/need of these weapons to complete him and full-fill my collection of wants that I never had as a kid:

    Mixmaster: Twin Blaster Missiles and Laser Pistol
    Scavenger: Rotor Blade and Laser Pistol
    Bonecrusher: Rotor Blade and Laser Pistol
    Long Haul: Laser Pistol
    Hook: Laser Pistol

    These weapons must have a "2" on them

    Please PM me if you are willing to let go of them:) 
    Thanks for looking

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