Confused about Dream Maker and Xovergen

Discussion in 'Transformers 3rd Party Discussion' started by Kilowog, Sep 23, 2012.

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    May 9, 2012
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    New Images of Xovergen's The Warriors From Cyborgtron Trilogy: The Battle Royal Custom Upgrade Kit - Pack V1.0

    So did Xovergen...

    a). basically change their name to Dream Maker to avoid the stigma of the Grand Patriot and start anew (or some other unrelated reason)?

    b). have a group split off from them (because of a. or just unrelated internal stuff) and release this?

    c). give their design to Dream Maker to kick start a promising new 3rd party group?

    d). have nothing to do with this and the same design and name is a coincidence?

    e). something something?

    What's the answer? Is it E?

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