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    Taken from High-Def Digest | Blu-ray & HD DVD News and Reviews in High Definition

    They did a side by side comparison and were able to note down every single little scene that was expanded. And also mentioned the the additional length of the movie. This is the confirmed list and run time.

    In the last paragraph, you can tell that the guy truly was not paying attention to detail in the forest fight scene as 22 seconds of extra forest fight footage would've clearly stood out.

    Riding the coattails of 'The Dark Knight', Michael Bay chose to shoot selected scenes for 'Revenge of the Fallen' on IMAX film stock, which has a larger negative size and captures much more detail. In IMAX theaters, the bulk of the movie was projected at an aspect ratio of 2.40:1 letterboxed on the giant 1.44:1 screen, but the special IMAX scenes expanded vertically to fill the screen. The following time codes list every piece of IMAX footage on the Big Screen Blu-ray:

    0:59:24 - 1:00:34
    1:00:39 - 1:02:44
    1:00:39 - 1:02:44
    1:02:55 - 1:03:33
    1:51:26 - 1:51:36
    1:53:03 - 1:53:06
    1:53:07 - 1:53:14
    1:53:17 - 1:53:20
    1:53:32 - 1:53:38
    1:53:39 - 1:53:53
    1:53:54 - 1:54:00
    1:54:01 - 1:54:12
    1:57:06 - 1:57:12
    1:57:17 - 1:57:31
    1:57:38 - 1:57:40
    1:57:42 - 1:57:59
    1:58:07 - 1:58:10
    1:58:14 - 1:58:31
    1:58:44 - 1:59:07
    1:59:09 - 1:59:34
    2:03:52 - 2:03:56
    2:06:33 - 2:06:38

    The grand total of IMAX footage in the movie comes to 8 minutes and 54 seconds. Only two scenes in the film were shot with IMAX cameras: the forest battle about an hour into the movie, and most of the shots of Devastator near the end. The forest battle has just under 6 minutes of IMAX footage, while the later scene has just under 3 minutes of IMAX.

    You will note that I said, "the shots of Devastator," rather than, "the scene with Devastator." In the latter scene, primarily only shots with Devastator in the frame are IMAX. Whenever the camera cuts away to other characters, the picture jumps back to standard 35mm. As you can see from the time codes listed above, this means that there are many IMAX shots that only last a few seconds in length, with equally quick 35mm intervals in between.

    Almost all of this footage also appears on the general retail Blu-ray release of the film. The main difference is that the standard Blu-ray is presented at a constant 2.40:1 aspect ratio (like the movie's 35mm theatrical prints) while the Big Screen Blu-ray alternates aspect ratio at each piece of IMAX footage. (See the Video section of this review for more details.)

    However, the IMAX version of the movie runs 32 seconds longer than the regular theatrical release. (Early reports of the difference being 71 seconds were incorrect.) The forest battle accounts for 22 seconds of that, and the Devastator scene has 10 extra seconds. I have watched these two scenes back-to-back numerous times. Quite frankly, I simply could not tell you what was added to the longer version. There's no extra dialogue, and no shots stood out to me as being new. I'm not going to say definitively that there are no new shots, simply that none stood out to me. This will require a literal frame-by-frame dissection. I think this may be a case where a bunch of shots have been extended very briefly, rather than any major new additions. I would not consider this longer running time to be a compelling selling point in and of itself.

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