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    Since Disney/Buena Vista bought Marvel, i just thought up of this crazy but cool concept for a crossover comic called "Marvel Meets Disney". If it worked for Looney Tunes and DC crossover which they did in 2000 since Warner owns them both, why not Disney and Marvel together in a crossover?

    The story goes as it has an evil alien warlock who travels through time/space/dimensions/universes/galaxies as he teams up with Melficent, Chanabog (Fantasia) and Jafar from the Disney Universe and Galactus with Thanos from the Marvel Universe as they want to rule both universes as they use a magic stone that merges both universes together. They have an army from both dimensions/universes who are the villains from both places to create a war as the main villains i mention want control of the merged universe for they make chaos in the merged worlds. However the Disney heroes team up with the Marvel heroes as they must battle the teamed-up enemies of both universes/dimensions in the ultimate battle of good vs. evil including a quest where they must try to find where the stone is at so they can destroy it with the warlock and seperate/restore both universes back again.

    This could be bigger than DC vs. Marvel and as epic as Marvel Secret Wars. I could see this as a 9 part mini-series comic. This could be a dream come true for fans of both Disney and Marvel like myself even to see the heroes and villains from both universes together especially in a unique series of cards.

    The ideal team-ups of good guys would be Spider-Man and Mickey Mouse, Silver Surfer and Buzz Lightyear, Fantastic Four or X-Men and The Incredibles, Fro-Zone and Iceman, Darkwing Duck and Daredevil, Gizmo-Duck and IronMan, Hulk and Beast (Beauty and The Beast) or with Goliath (Gargoyles), Wolverine and Stitch, Elektra and Mulan, Hercules and Thor, Robin Hood and Hawkeye, Rocket Raccoon and The Rescue Rangers, Pery The Playpus (Phineas and Ferb) with Howard The Duck, Tron and Cable, Launchpad and Captain America, Kim Possible and Black-Widow and many others.

    For the bad guy team-ups would be Chanabog and Galactus, Meleficent and Emma Frost, Jafar and Thanos, Green-Goblin and QuackerJack, Steelbeak and Kingpin, Demona and Lady-Deathstrike, Hades and Loki, Apocalypse and Horned King (Black Cauldron), Dead-Pool and Shan-Yu (Mulan), Syndrome and Magneto, Dr. Doom and Dr. Drakhem (Kim Possible), Shego and Black-Cat, Professor Nimhul (Rescue Rangers) and Dr. Octopus, Kraven and McLeach (Rescuers Down Under), Sykes (Oliver and Company) and Jigsaw, Ursula and Mojo, Negaduck and Venom, Don Karnage and Red-Skull, Megavolt and Electro, Mirage (Aladdin) and Mystique, Dr. Faciler (Princess and The Frog) and Mephisto and many others.
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