Complete Takara TFC Collection + others (UK)

Discussion in 'Items For Sale or Trade' started by Scooby.Smokescreen, May 12, 2010.

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    I have a complete set of TFC collection transformers 00 to 21. I'll check but I'm pretty sure none have had stickers applied and no missiles have been taken off sprues. All the little pull out cards are intact and I have the folder that comes with Prime. Some have tape on them but I personally don't trust MISB anyway.

    I also have an eHobby Galvatron, a TF Movie Blackout and 2 KO Optimus Primes - one in all black plastic and one in all clear plastic - the all clear plastic arrived with a wheel missing so the box was opened and the wheel changed for one on the other side so you can't see it. The other Prime, Blackout and Galv haven't been opened.

    Open to offers but really only interest in the lot going as one. The last complete collection went on fleebay in the UK for £700 plus shipping which is currently a bit over $1000 so won't be interested in anything less. Need cash so its not like I want to sell but not giving them away :) 

    Of course, if your interested please PM me and I'll provide pics of each one as and when required.
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    Best of luck - you may have trouble moving it as one lot. Not that the price is bad, but disposable income of that volume is an issue for many! Let me know if you ultimately decide to split.

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