Complete Set of Transformers Titaniums 3" (MISB) For Sale

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    Every item is MOSC or MISB. The boxes are in great shape, but some of the cards have some bending and warping to them due to the way they were shipped by HASBRO and Bigbadtoystore (who I bought most of these from). Nothing has been opened. Here's your chance to buy the complete set all once. The figures included in this set are:
    • Optimus Prime and Bumblebee (G1) in Metallic Colors
    • Optimus Prime in Pre-Earth, Earth, and Truck Modes from the first Live Action Movie
    • Smokescreen (alternators)
    • Movie Bumblebee
    • Movie Inspired Cliffjumper and Dead End
    • Movie Rescue Ratchet and Blackout
    • Movie Offroad Ironhide and Deep Desert Brawl
    • The Ark (G1)
    • Bumblebee (G1)
    • Starscream (G1)
    • Optimus Prime (Movie)
    • Decepticon Brawl (Movie)
    • Side Swipe (Alternators)
    • Megatron (Cybertron)
    • Galvatron (G1)
    • Beast Wars Megatron
    • Grimlock (G1)
    • Optimus Prime (The War Within)
    • Scorponok (Energon)
    • Megatron (Movie)
    • Unicron (G1)
    • Optimus Primal (Beast Wars)
    • Optimus Prime (G1)
    • Blackout (Movie)
    • Rodimus (G1)
    • Autobot Jazz (Alternators)
    • Ratchet (Movie)
    • Optimus Prime (Anime G1)
    • Thundercracker (G1)
    • Ironhide (Movie)
    • Autobot Jazz (Movie)
    • Predaking (G1)
    If by chance you think i'm missing a 3" figure from this set, please let me know. It would mean that an item got seperated from the box I have stored these in and I need to dig it up. I'm pretty sure this is all of them. If interested, please make an offer. Keep in mind this weighs around 12 lbs shipped, so I prefer to ship via FEDEX ground.

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