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    Hello everyone
    Im in serch of a couple of figures both Animated & Classics(More Animated though)

    I am currently specilizing in Beast Wars Animated Customs. Here are a couple of them>

    BW:Ani. TM Megatron:
    BW TM Megatron - Animated Customs - TFW2005.COM

    BW:Ani Terrorsaur:
    Beast Wars Animated Terrorsaur - Animated Customs - TFW2005.COM

    also have a WIP thread for more:

    I Am not limited to only BW:Ani i can do anything as well.
    Classics, Movie, any generation of toys!
    Please PM or E-Mail me @
    Or @

    Here are the Rules!
    -You must provide the figure(or provide me with the funds for it)
    -You Pay for shipping back & Forth

    Here are the figures i am looking for:
    TFA Waspinator X1
    TFA Shockwave X2
    TFA Leader Megatron X2
    TFA Swindle X1
    TFA Starscream
    TFA Oilslick
    TFA Lugnut
    TFA Prowl
    TFA Lockdown
    TFA Blazing Lockdown X2 & Stealth Lockdown
    TFA Legends Bumblebee
    TFA Voyager Prime
    TFA Blackarachnia X2
    Beast Wars II Thrustol/Thurtor
    G1 Trypticon Incomplete
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