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    May 10, 2010
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    I am new to these boards but a long-time Transformers fan. I love the challenge of designing characters; the wierder the better! I put an emphasis on quality, so even though I may take a bit longer than others, I won't rest until I feel I have done your piece justice!

    I am currently offering digital commissions and chracter design service at reasonable prices. I can do anything from quick sketches, portraiture, and coloring to comics and web graphics, all in high-quality PNG.

    Please check out my DeviantArt gallery here: SSJMihoshi on deviantART
    And if you are interested my prices can be found here: deviantART: SSJMihoshi's Journal: Commission Journal
    If you would like something not listed there, just ask! Negotiating is always an option.

    Oh, and one more thing: I am currently running a special on $5 sketchcards. They will be B&W traditional ink drawings on bristol, mailed directly to you!
    Sketchcards-TFs by *SSJMihoshi on deviantART
    The examples are also for sale, at the same price.

    Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoy!
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    Your work is sick, I took some time to check your stuff out! I'm just posting here for future reference, I might need your tremendous skills sometime!! I have a few ideas brewing so look out!!

    Cheers and keep up the good work! :D 

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