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    I have bronchitis. It's getting worse. And after spending well over $200.oo I'm still far from being better. I'm seeing another doctor on Monday. But I don't see myself going to work any time soon. And I seriously will break down and lose it if I lose my job. I've already missed 3 and a half days of work, plus that $200.oo I had to spend between the doctors and medication.

    I need to try and earn some money back, even if it's just to cover bills, my car, rent, and so on and so forth until I can get back on my feet.

    I'm offering commissions.

    $11.oo, digital pieces doodled in Painter X. I pretty much have a free for all with your single character in Painter X.

    My badges are still open too. $21.oo, all done digitally.
    +$5.00 shipping IRL and in a badge holder. In the US, only, please.

    Sketches in pencil and manipulated in Photoshop are $16.oo.
    +$2.oo for shipping if you want it IRL. In the US, only, please.
    +$10.oo for a second character.

    Please e-mail me if you're interested.
    That is not my paypal address.

    An example of my Transformers Style:

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