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    Please e-mail or PM if you have anything on my list. Will buy via Paypal or trade. Thanks!

    Here's my WANT LIST:

    Boxed Original G1 Figures wanted (must include all bubble inserts):
    MIB Skywarp
    MIB Ramjet
    MIB Octane
    MIB Broadside
    MIB Snapdragon
    MIB Razorclaw
    MIB Divebomb
    MIB Rampage
    MIB Tantrum
    MIB Headstrong
    MIB C-312 Sixknight
    MIB C-346 SkyHyper (loose/complete ok too

    Complete G1 Figures wanted (prefer c-8 or better):
    Rumble (Red Tape)
    Divebomb (Metal Version)
    G1 Leozack (part of Liokaiser)
    G1 Drillhorn (part of Liokaiser)
    G1 Hellbat (part of Liokaiser)
    G1 Gaihawk (part of Liokaiser)
    Rescue Force Tank with SILVER weapons (European)
    Rescue Force Buggy with SILVER weapons (European)

    Incomplete G1 Figures wanted (No accessories as I already have them; prefer c-8 or better):
    Jetfire (no yellowing)
    Rumble (Red Tape)
    Dead End
    Beast Box
    Razorclaw (Metal Version)
    Headstrong (Plastic Version)
    Rampage (Plastic Version)

    Loose G1 PARTS wanted:
    Apeface Gun
    Kup Gun
    Devastator Left Fist
    Devastator Left Fist Launcher
    Devastator Green Waist Plate
    Mixmaster Single Missle
    Mixmaster Double Missle
    Scattorshot Shoulder Guns x 2
    Abominus Left Fist
    Abominus Left Foot
    Abominus Rifle
    Slag Gun
    Slag Sword
    Swoop Sword
    Grimlock Sword
    Snarl Sword
    Sludge Sword
    Frenzy/Rumble Right Side Gun
    Tantrum Sword x 2
    Divebomb Sword
    Razorclaw Sword
    Headstrong Sword
    Rampage Sword
    Predaking Right Fist
    Scattershot Shoulder Gun x 2
    Afterburner Missle Pod
    Afterburner Large Gun
    Computron Right Fist
    Computron Chest Shield
    Computron Feet x 2
    Piranacon Head
    Piranacon Sword
    Piranacon Gun
    Piranacon Feet
    Piranacon Fists
    Snaptrap Shield (must have good stickers)
    Liokaiser Head (repro OK)
    Classics Jetfire Blue Missles x 2
    Henkei Sunstreaker Gun
    Henkei Sideswipe Gun
    Any of the G3 Fansproject Chrome Weapons

    Beast Wars parts wanted:
    Bonecrusher Missle
    Snarl Tail Gun

    G1 Unused Sticker Sheets wanted (no repro labels):
    G1 Silverbolt Unused Stickers
    G1 Sunstreaker Unused Stickers
    G1 Skids Unused Stickers
    G1 Razorclaw Unused Stickers
    G1 Rampage Unused Stickers
    G1 Tantrum Unused Stickers
    G1 Headstrong Unused Stickers

    G1 US Boxes/Packaging wanted:
    Defensor US Giftset Outer Box (no foam needed)
    Any Bubble Insert in Good condition

    Henkei/Classics 1.0/Universe 2.0:
    Henkei Red Alert
    Henkei Jetfire
    Henkei Inferno
    Henkei Warpath (Loose OK)

    Other Misc. Transformers:
    Botcon 2005 Ratchet with instructions and filecard
    MOC Cybertron Swindle
    MIB Machine Wars Starscream (White Missle Version)
    Universe Long Haul/Hightower Target Exclusive 2-pack (prefer MIB or MISB)
    Universe Scavenger/Bonecrusher Target Exclusive 2-pack (prefer MIB or MISB)
    MIB Movie Voyager Class Mudflap (TRU Exclusive)
    RID Rollbar (Swindle repaint)
    Heroes of Cybertron Ratchet
    Japanese PVC/SCF Thrust
    Japanese PVC/SCF Ramjet

    G1 Tech Specs and G1 Instruction Books wanted:
    Grimlock Instruction Book (US)
    Snarl Instruction Book (US)
    Quickswitch Instruction Book (US)
    Razorclaw Instruction Book (US)
    Overlord Instruction Book (UK/English)
    Computron Giftset Instruction Book
    Piranacon Giftset Instruction Book
    Defensor Giftset Instruction Book
    Menasor Giftset Instruction Book
    Botcon 2007 Thrust Instruction Book and Biocard/Tech Spec
    Botcon 2007 Thundercracker Instruction Book and Biocard/Tech Spec
    Botcon 2007 Dirge Instruction Book and Biocard/Tech Spec

    Please e-mail or PM if you have anything on my list. Will buy via Paypal or trade. Thanks!

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