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    I've recently gotten into the main IDW line and totally love it. But recently I picked up one of the RoTF prequel comics and I was wondering--do prequels enhance the movie more or do they act more as giant spoilers? Which of those two sides holds more weight? And even if it is a spoiler to a degree, is it worth it? Part of my enjoyment of the first movie was being surprised by the plot (aside from knowing Bb was a Camaro, Prime had a mouth and flames and was a long nose cab).

    So to sum up: prequel comics--story enhancers or spoilers? And spoilers in general: hot or not?
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    Enhancers, though you will be spoiled if you avoided all (official) news of cast members and what the robot designs look like. The movies will most likely barely get into the background of the characters and the meat of their characterization, leaving IDW to come up with the backstory and explanation for things.

    There are two ROTF prequel comics, Alliance, which is set immediately after The Reign of Starscream and will lead into the ROTF movie, and Defiance, which is set long before the movies and the 2007 prequel comic. It probably explains how the Decepticons came to be.

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