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    I am selling some of my comics. All of them are bagged and boarded. All have only been read once and then sealed up.

    I take Pay Pal (Pay Pal to Pay Pal only, no CCs) at

    I ship everything USPS Priority Mail.

    Ex Machina 1-26 & Specials 1 & 2. $40 ($30 for the books $10 for S & H). If you've been putting off getting into this series here's a good way to get pretty much caught up for cheap.

    Noble Causes. All minis, Extended Family 1 & 2, and ongoing 1-26. $50 ($40 for the books, $10 S & H). Here's a chance to check out this awesome series on the cheap.

    Bomb Queen Vol 1 1-4 $10 for books and S & H

    Johnny Double 1-4 (Azzarello and Risso pre 100 Bullets) $15 for books and S & H. Cool stuff.

    Daughters of the Dragon 1-6/Heroes for Hire 1-4 $15 for books and S & H. More cool stuff.


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