Comics for sale: Fables, Runaways, Powers

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    I am selling some of my comics collection. All books are in Very Fine to Mint condition, come bagged and boarded and will ship USPS Priority Mail.

    Up for grabs are:

    Fables 1-76, 1001 Nights of Snowfall Hardcover, and The Last Castle one-shot. $100 o.b.o.

    Runaways. Vol. 1, 1-18, Vol. 2, 1-24, Vol. 3, 1-3. Runaways vs Young Avengers 1-4. Includes two copies of Vol. 2 issue 1 Adrian Alphona sketch variant cover. Also throwing in Runaways HC Vol 4, which collected Joss Whedon's run (Vol. 2, issue 25-30) $75 o.b.o.

    Powers. Vol. 1, 7-37, Who Killed Retro Girl TPB (issues 1-6), Vol. 2, 1-30, and Powers Annuals 1 & 2. $50 o.b.o

    Ultimate X-Men 46-65. This is Brian K. Vaughan's run on the book. Some really solid, fun stories here, the best Ultimate X-men stuff around. $20.

    Some great stuff here if you're into comics. Shipping on all will be $10.

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