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  1. Otispq

    Otispq Elocution Onymous

    Jul 7, 2007
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    Name: Otispq

    Age/sex/status: 30's/Male/Married

    Occupation/background: Financial Services

    Before making your own funny you were reading: Obsidian's Lament, Grimlock_13's Attempt At Funnies, TCracker's Mind Numb, TransShinki World (and friends), Warring at Play, Out Of The Dead Land, The life Of CamShaft, The Toys of Pedro's Room, C-Dub's Funnies, The Kingdom of Evan...
    This list could go on and on, not even mentioning the ones I started reading after I started my own funny.

    What you find funny: Are You Being Served?, Everybody Loves Raymond, Seinfeld, Mr. Bean, Cosby Show, Still Standing, stuff like that.

    Strips done: Otispq's Osum Oddities, aka: The OOO

    Personal fave/most proud of funny: Making toy characters in my comic of actual board members, DA, Grimlock_13 & TCracker are fun to write for. Secondly, but more realistically: The ongoing interactions with the readers. Their comments provide much of my material, and without them I'd not have near as much fun making them.
  2. Polenicus

    Polenicus Warring At Play

    Sep 10, 2002
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    Name: Polenicus

    Age/ Sex/ status: 32 / Male/ Single

    Occupation/ background: Security Supervisor

    Before making your own funny you were reading: Pun-3X, DilaZirk's Funness on a Stick, Shane's Comics, Obsidian's Lament, Prime Time, Tcracker's comics, PuppyLove's comics

    Strips done: Warring at Play, Running Battle

    Personal fave/most proud of funny: Camshaft and the singing headless cereal bots

    FFEO faves: Pun-3X, Funness on a Stick, Puppylove's Comic Silliness, Obsidian's Lament
  3. DilaZirK

    DilaZirK Is bullheaded.

    Aug 15, 2006
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    Name: DilaZirK

    Age/Sex/Status: 26/Male/Single

    Occupation/Background: Service Sales Engineer @ ABB

    Before making your own funny you were reading: Them Funny Robots, Shane's Comics, 5002 News, The Misadventures of Leemon's Toys, Cataclizm1's Comedy Explosion!!!, KA's Funnies, KYQ's The Adventures of Team Boston, Sheba's Funnies, Grey Comics, Transf**ckers.

    Strips done: It's Fun-ness On A Stick!

    Personal fave/Most proud of funny: Strip #77 - Hazard. Where Cybertron Prime's wings proved to be an unintentionally lethal weapon. I don't think I've laughed that hard at my own comic strip ever.

    FFEO faves: Out Of The Dead Land, Warring At Play, Pun-3X's Roll Call, Transformers: Retribution, Prime Time.
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  4. Anodythe

    Anodythe Well-Known Member

    Mar 31, 2008
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    Name: Anodythe

    Age/Sex/Status: 52/Female/Married 18 years tomorrow!

    Occupation/Background: Wife, Mother, Tour Guide/Reenactor,
    Veteran US Air Force (photographer)

    Strip: really...I'm married...oh that kind of strip...AnodytheandKids

    How we found TFW2005: Serendipity! The guy who installed our internet gave us the site name after I told him that all the bots on the shelf were mine. Apparently he went to Bot Con last time. Hope he had a great time, cause I am so glad he told us about all of you!

    Strips we frequent: Well...on both sides of an 8 1/2 x 11 inch sheet we have our current reading list by name and page number. We like "doing the voices". But the first strip I read was Obsidians Lamant, as I was catching up on Beast Wars and the name just stuck out.

    Most proud of: The fact that the kids and I have found something we can work on together and a husband who tolerates it!

    And special thanks to Buzzbeak who really helped this neophyte computer user!!!
  5. star11scream

    star11scream Spoon + Star11scream

    Sep 11, 2008
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    Name - Star11scream
    Married or single - Single
    Occupation - students
    Before making own funny what did you read- SD's Transhinki world and friends
    and Grimlock_13 attempts at funnies
    What do you find funny - Calvin and hobbes, disney originals , Garfield , Joke books and etc
    Strips done - At the base. With no leader [link's in me sig] and W.A.R D.A.W.N [Which I abandoned]:cry 
    FFEO - all of them
  6. Zherbus

    Zherbus In Shogo Hasui, we trust.

    Oct 26, 2008
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    Name: Zherbus

    Age/sex: 32, male

    Occupation/background: IT Professional

    Before making your own funny you were reading: See below, but Warring at Play took my fan-comic reading virginity. Out of the Dead Land followed, then others.

    Strips done: Transformers: The Classics War. It has a TF:A shorts in there with some joke TF-movie posters, but it's pretty much just the main storyline comic.

    Personal fave/most proud of moment: Roadbuster stepping on a Bombshell Insecticon clone was the funnest I've had hackin' up an image.

    FFEO faves: Warring at Play, Out of the Dead Land, TCrackers Mind Numb, and Transformers: Retribution are all inspirations for writing my own epic. There are a lot of talented folks in the funnies forum, I try to read them all and usually enjoy them quite a bit.

    Advice for others: When doing a new comic, just plain come out and ask to be picked apart. If you take the criticism and improve, you'll start cranking out a lot better stuff than you thought possible.

    Oh, and if you're writing a serious comic - try to write out your story board ahead of time.
  7. Mini-Bot

    Mini-Bot Blackout Fan Girl

    Sep 3, 2008
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    Name: Anton.

    Age/Sex/Status: 17/Female/Single

    Occupation: Currently unemployed, but searching.

    Strips Done: Mini-Bot's Comic Fluff

    FFEO faves: puppylove's comic silliness, Warring at Play, Anodythe and Kids, lots of others.
  8. Sage o' G-fruit

    Sage o' G-fruit Critics gonna critique

    Sep 6, 2008
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    Name: Sage o' G-fruit, or Sage for short.

    Age/sex/status: 14 / Male / Who cares?

    Occupation/background: Student.

    Before making your own funny you were reading: Words

    What you find funny: The 3 Stooges, anything from Schnieder pretty much, sarcastic people.

    Strips done: I do a comedy strip called Unicromedy (click the sig), and a new (as of this post) serious comic called Transformers Matrix.

    Personal fave/most proud of funny: Wreckers for the photography.

    FFEO faves: Um..FFEO means Fun For Every One I suppose, but since the funnies have been changed to a whole thread, I guess anything by Shane Anderson, Out of the Dead Land, Prime Time, Murphy's LAWL, The Incredible Abuse, Comic Fluff and...Buzzbeak, or course. :D 

    Advice for others: GIMP is free, and has a nice learning curve, and there's a free Comic Life download for 30 days. Also, the tutorial thread is amazing for noobs. You get some great tips there, no matter what you use. You might be able to even add some of your own. :D 
  9. myhobby

    myhobby Back From Outer Space

    Jan 9, 2009
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    there's no reason not to, amiright?

    Username: myhobby (capitalization, capitalization, oh but i have lost my capitalization!)

    Status: lonely

    Before making your own comics you were reading: shane's comics and obsidion's lament of course, grimlock 13's attempt at funnies, transdudes.

    I Find Funny: most things that are supposed to be funny, i at least giggle at and repeat to unbelievable levels. i don't much like crude humor though, outside of the occasional burning butt syndrome joke.

    Comics Done: Transformers: Homeworld, (a serious story with funny moments)

    The Sub-Strips: The comedy of truth (shockwave's trials with animated fans.)
    ratbatman (ratbat cosplays)
    cartoons nobody talks about (cartoon theme songs, acted out)

    Stand Alone: I, Autobot. I, Decepticon. (the beginning of the war, told from optimus'/megatron's point of view)

    Most proud of: i really like how the story in homeworld has developed over the past year 'n' 1/2. the two or three battles between prime and megatron have had some really great moments too.

    Favorites: Autobus Prime's Blurry Robot Theater, Warring At Play, Minibot's Comic Fluff, Half-Randomness Just For The Fun Of It.

    Advice: what hasn't been said better?
    do what you love, make what you find fun, try to improve.
    i teach from experience.
  10. E. C. R. Former

    E. C. R. Former Is probably insane...

    Oct 16, 2008
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    Well here's an ancient, zombie thread if I ever saw one. I wonder why I haven't even posted here yet beforehand.

    Name: Eric (E. C. R. Former)

    Age/Sex/Status: 29/Male/Single

    Occupation/background: College Student and US Navy Reserve (formerly Active)

    Before starting my own comic: Pretty much read most of the big stuff on this board. Before that I also wrote Harry Potter fanfiction.

    What I find funny: Various things. I do like overt slapstick but I also love subtle humor.

    Strips Done: Beyond Your Wildest Imagination

    FFEO Faves: Too many to list, really.

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