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    I'm Verno, I'm from Australia, and I'm looking for artists who might be interested in a collaborating on a project with me.

    I've written a story called TransWarp, and I was looking to adapt it into a comic book series.

    I am, however, terrible at drawing, so I'm turning to the fandom to see if any gifted artists would like to join me in the adaptation.

    The story is set during the climactic final months of the Great War. It involves some old favorites, like the Predacon Commander Razorclaw, and Aerialbot leader Silverbolt, but also a swag on new (yet old) characters, such as Tarantulas, Magmatron and Rhinox, as well as the Tripredacus Council boys, all in pre-BW Cybertronian forms, to which you as the artist would have free control over the design for.

    There are also new (new) characters, such as Csirac, a Maximal scientist, of whom the main storyline revolves.

    He has been kidnapped by the Predacons who are now the main bad-guy force on Cybertron after the Decepticons folded under Shockwave after the death of Megatron during the assault on the Hub and the death of the Liege Maximo.

    Yes, it draws on G1, G2, Furman's Alignment story, and also works backwards from BW, culminating in a story that sets Cybertron on the path towards the Cybertron we are told of 300 years later just before the events of BW.

    If anyone is interested, click the link in my sig to read the story. If you're still interested after reading it, let me know.

    Looking forward to hearing from you,

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