Comic book Colorist wanted for Massive GI JOE COMIC PROJECT

Discussion in 'Comic Books and Graphic Novels' started by jamarmiller, Feb 2, 2007.

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    Hey everyone is trying to start an important project that I think would be a very important project for GI JOE / Action force COMIC Fans and for anyone that wants to practice coloring sequential art for there profile.

    First some info

    Battle action force comics was a sereis of Black and white ( mostly ) stories that featured characters from Cobra GI JOE and the Red Shadows all fighting each other. Again they were never done in color and so we have cleaned up all the images and they are ready to be colored

    If anyone would like to get in on this great project please pm or e-mail me all my contact info is on my profile

    we have some stuff already starting so please correspond with me to make sure we arent doing doubles

    here are some links to some finished pages that some of our colorist have already completed

    all help is appreciated even if its only 1 page or 30 pages its all a big help, and there is much we need done !

    thank you

    Jamar Miller

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