By Generation: Combiner Wars Powerglide - Waist Articulation Modification Guide

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    Many fans really like the Combiner Wars Powerglide figure. One of the strengths of this figure is that it's nicely articulated...except in the waist. seali_me has provided us a nice tutorial on how to fix this. As you'll see, this modification doesn't affect the transformation or compromise the alt mode. ~Superquad7


    (Would you believe this figure is different than yours?)​

    Here's Your Guide:

    This is the end goal:


    (Here you can see the waist now swivels with this modification!)

    Initial Cutting:

    - Score the indented line between the crotch and torso area first.
    - Then proceed to cut.

    More cutting:

    - Since the two pegs hinders articulation you have to cut it. Make sure you cut as little possible to be able to peg the wings again.
    - The support plastic found near square on the back of the crotch also hinders it. It needs to be cut. Make sure do this carefully and to leave enough to support the belt area of the crotch piece. when you're removing the plastic make sure not to force it too much or you'll end up cutting or bending the plastic.


    The waist peg.

    - I used a dollarstore missile from a minibot I found. I adjusted the size of it while I had PG in alt mode to ensure a smooth transformation. In hindsight you can use any T shaped plastic piece to hold onto the crotch piece instead of just using friction.

    It is secure:


    Here you can see the alt mode after the modification is finished:



    Let's see the newly-articulated Powerglide in action!:





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