Combiner Force or Beast Hunters?

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Combiner Force or Beast Hunters?

  1. Combiner Force

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  2. Beast Hunters

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  1. CyberstormSM

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    Jul 6, 2016
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    Comparing the first two episodes of Beast Hunters and Combiner Force...

    Darkmount, NV. The episode had a sense of urgency and threat to it. The Autobots can't contact each other because they are being constantly monitored and hunted. We also see the wreckage of a bass that we've grown accustomed to since the very first episode. Optimus Prime lies dying in the rubble with only Smokescreen to help him. The Decepticons are on the verge of winning the war that they've fought for centuries. The Decepticons are seen interactng with each other and the humans, further developing their character.

    King of the Hill (Parts 1 and 2). The episode sets the Autobots into a comfortable and almost cocky position. Bumblebee believes that the team can do anything, however they are quickly confronted with the threat of a Stunticon who is more powerful than they had anticipated. The Decepticon doesn't get much screentime in this episode, though that is fixed throughout the season. However, the end of episode two results in introducing a much greater threat to the series.

    I think I'll have to give Beast Hunters the edge in this one because of it's urgency, threat, and treatment of the Decepticons.
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  2. Tenion the Offender

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    Jan 28, 2017
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    Watched all of the existing Combiner Force episodes a couple of months ago. Comparing Beast Hunters and this cheap childish show is a blasphemy.
  3. SaberPrime

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    Apr 17, 2010
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    As far as toys go, Beast Hunters. I really liked the Predacons. The Combiner Force toys are just too dumbed down. They're like Rescue Bots toys and I don't like that Menasor's limbs are just repaints like the Energon Combiners. Combiners got really good for a while then for some reason went backwards. Combiner Wars had parts forming like G1 and Combiner Force has limb repaints like Energon. What's next, are they going to go back to the Power Core style Combiners where the limbs are just drones with no robot modes of their own? I like the FoC style where everything is built in and there are actually different molds that all transform. I mean yeah the torso should of been a voyager class but other than that those were the best combiners we've ever had.

    Anyway as far as the show goes, I can't compare that till after it's over. Though so far Combiner Force has been a big improvement over the rest of the series which has mostly been pretty bad. Beast Hunters on the other hand was kind of not really bad but not really the best season either. They didn't really use a lot of the Beast Hunters toys in the show but it seems like every Combiner Force toy is actually appearing in the show in some form... and actually look a whole lot better than their toys do. I think I'm more leaning to the Combiner Force side but that could change as my opinion is constantly changing from one episode the next.

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