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    Mar 13, 2007
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    Thank you to those of you who have bought from me. Here is what I still have to sell (Holds and Solds have been taken off):

    Selling off part of my collection to clear some room as I get married. Please contact me and make your best offer - ship USPS priority and add 1.00 for shipping supplies. I will be posting more figures this week, so check back for updates. Thanks!! For Sale:

    While new to this forum, I have positive feedback at Ebay for those interested.

    Cybertron: (all have planet keys except Leader Ops)
    Evac - excellent condition and complete (no box/instructions, all accessories) SOLD
    Soundwave - excellent with all accesories and instructions, lazerbeak
    Quickmix - Mint with box and all accessories/box/instructions
    Crumplezone - instructions/complete
    Override - instructions/complete
    Optimus Prime Leader - Complete/instructions (no cyber planet key)
    Primus Supreme - complete with box, instructions, keys, and all four minicons (great condition)
    Metroplex Leader - complete with drillbit minicon and cyber key
    Downshift - complete with card backing
    Excellion - complete with card backing
    Hot Shot - complete, no instructions or card backing
    Cybertron Defense Hot Shot - complete no instructions or card backing
    Jetfire Ultra - complete no box or instructions
    Skyshadow Ultra - complete with Box and instructions
    Unicron deluxe - complete with card backing and instructions
    Ransack Scout - complete with instructions
    Longrack - complete with instructions

    Galaxy Force:
    GF Red Alert Ultra - MISB
    GF Scattershot - MISB
    GF Chromia - MISB
    GF Wing Saber - MISB

    Classics (all come with box and instructions, are mint and complete):
    Ultra Magnus
    Optimus Prime/Megatron 2 pack
    Optimus Prime

    Energon (all in excellent condition):
    Rodimus - complete with card backing, bubble, and instructions
    Prowl - same as Rodimus (Powerlinx with him)
    Ironhide - complete with instructions and weapons
    Jetfire - complete with instructions and weapons

    Unicron - mint and complete only displayed as bonus comes with Unicron Stand for large TF figure

    UNiverse Sunstorm Mint with box, instructions, and inferno with perceptor set
    G2 jets Jetfire and Spacecase, Mint with card backing
    Keychains - BB, Huffer, and windcharger

    And a bunch of minicons and minicon sets. If there are some that interest you, let me know

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