Collection Sale: Hero's, TMNT, Star Wars plus more loose and carded.

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    Lot of figures both carded/boxed and loose. Prices are not set in stone but I think are fair. And please email me of any interest in these.
    Spawn Figures:
    Some are from Todd Toys When he first produced his line of action figures. They were kept in the factory shipping box from the store. These figures packaging were huge and the plastic blister on some is creased or bumped but not mangled. but all in all very good shape. $10. each plus shipping or the whole box for $100 shipped.

    Spawn II
    Commando Spawn
    (2) Pilot Spawns
    Angela (pink ribbon varient)
    (2)Badrock from Youngblood (blue suit varient)
    Vampire from Wetworks

    TMNT Star Trek figures:
    All unopened packaging is in decent shape. from 1994 Some bends creases and bumps but nothing really bad.
    $10 each plus shipping or $40.00 shipped for all four.

    Leonardo (kirk)
    Donatello (Spock)
    Raphael (Bones)
    Michaelangelo (Scotty)

    Marvel Figures:
    $5. each plus shipping or $25 shipped for all
    *From Spiderman the Animated series 1996
    Black Cat
    Dr. Strange
    Hydro Man
    * X-Men
    (2)Archangel figure (Blue varient with short hair)

    All but the Queen are in great shape. The Queen is the larger card and it had some bending in the corners but nothing bad. The Other two the cardboard is bent but not creased in a few areas.
    $10. each plus shipping or $30 shipped.

    Queen Alien
    Gorilla Alien
    Scorpion Alien

    Loose Figures:
    $5 each around there or $75 shipped for all the loose figures.
    Toy Biz
    Magneto w/helmet cape and magnetic scrap metal
    Wolverine w/removable mask
    SIlver Surfer w/board
    Nightcrawler w/sword and suction cups and tail
    Captain America w/shield and launcher
    Thor w/cape hammer and lightning bolt
    Punisher w/cap firing backpack pistol,uzi,semi autoshotgun,M-16
    Dr. Doom w/rotor blades and drill gun
    Superman (missing one leg but has cape)

    Spawn w/cape missing chain around neck and the back hook to attach but stays on and wooden mallet
    Mideval Spawn w/sword shield cape and shoulder armour

    Godzilla From the 1998 Movie w/stand and makes the roar.

    Loose Bend Ums Star wars:
    Obi One

    Ronin Warriors:
    Two bad guys One purple and one grey. Look almost like Mecha. A lot of articulation and parts and armour that snaps on and off.

    Ultimate Batman:
    From the first animated series. 15" tall. box is a little beaten up but the figure is in great shape.
    $20.00 shipped.

    If it says plus shipping it is usually $4-5 to ship anywhere in the U.S. for 1-3 figures..Depending on weight and amount or size. I try to be fair in my shipping. But just asking for a zipcode for cost I cannot do Hope you understand

    .. Pics or questions just Email


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