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    Haven't posted a new story here in a while. LOL. This one is a new continuity. Twiked the back story a bit of the TF mythos and such. Love it, hate it, whatever: just read and review!

    It's also posted on FF.N incase I forget to update here and by some pure luck you like what you read. lol:


    The splitting and consquent scattering of a great power scource known only as the Artifact pulls four innocent, and somewhat unwilling, beings into chaos. One of them, a young girl finds who find herself the object of interest of the two waring factions.


    Like so many of the powers of the universe, the origins of the artifact were a mystery…as were the keys that operated it. Four keys to each side of the universe as goes the saying. The keys’ existences were not even known until well after the war began. On a planet far from the center of the universe a race of sentient machines were taking their first steps into freedom. Having broken the bonds of enslavement from their techno organic masters, the machines commandeered a barren planet once belonging to their former captors. Building, creating, growing…soon the barren rock became a civilization greater then any other. It was called Cybertron. The people flourished under the joint rule of the Prime and the Tron. But political unrest soon set the stage for war. When their planet was the sparkling jewel of technology that they had set out to achieve, the Tron and his supporters howled for empirical expansion while the Prime and his supporters wished to make peace and establish trade with neighboring planets. Starting as a political campaign, the Tron movement soon evolved into a coupe that planned to assassinate the current Prime…and it succeeded. The third Prime, Sentinel Prime, was publicly assassinated before his supporters during a peace conference calling for Cybertronian tolerance of organic species. This action by the Tron rebels, now calling themselves Decepticons, issued in a response by the Prime supporters, now calling themselves Autobots.

    Thousands perished. Planets destroyed, entire species erased from existence, and all because of one being’s thirst for power and intolerance of lesser species. His name was Gigatron. He didn’t live to see his dream of power and empire come to fruit. Three vorns after the assassination of Sentinel Prime, Gigatron was cut down by one of his own. He was a former gladiator of the pit wars. His real name has been lost to time, but after deactivating his party’s leader, he was hence forth referred to as Megatron by his Decepticons.

    Just as Megatron replaced Gigatron, Sentinel Prime’s successor was named. He was once a clerk in the chamber of elders but during the fight for emancipation, became a skilled major and one of the prime’s inner circle and stood by Sentinel’s side when he was cut down. On the Prime’s last dieing breath, he said these words to the young major.

    “Optronix, you must lead our people. Do not let the darkness overcome all that we have fought for. Keep the light shining for them. Take it…Keep it safe…”

    Reaching into his chest, Sentinel pulled forth a glowing sphere of energy resting in a ceremonial case; the matrix. Optronix’s optics widened in sudden awe…and fear.

    “No,” He said flatly. “I cannot take this from you.”

    “You must…Orion,” Sentinel rasped, his eyes already dimming. Optronix felt a twinge of guilt deep inside of his cortex as his commanding officer used his nickname. “The light must live on…” His face turned soft and he smiled. “Even if I do not…”

    “No!” Optronix denied angrily. “We’ll get a medic, you will live Sentinel!”

    Prime smiled lingered as he looked at his young major. “I could not have asked Primus for a more trust worthy comrade or such a worthy successor. You will lead our people to prosperity…Optimus Prime.”

    And so a new chapter began as the old one faded. Both political parties grew into Military factions and millions of Megavorns ticked away as their war ravaged their side of the universe. During the fifth Great War the tide turned. That was when the artifact was found. A glowing sphere of energy, not unlike the Autobot Matrix, was found on a planet inhabited by insentient organic animals and predatorily vegetation. The one who found the object was a wing squadron commander named Starscream. The energy of the artifact overwhelmed him and he made an attempt to overthrow Megatron. His attempt failed and Megatron came into possession of the artifact. And in a questionable move he made Starscream, the would-be murderer, his second in command.

    With the power of the Artifact at his disposal, Megatron was able to claim victor over the planet of Cybertron and the surviving forces of the Autobots were forced to flee. However, in a latch ditch effort to regain control of Cybertron, Optimus Prime faced off against Megatron. During which for some unknown reason the Artifact that gave Megatron the bulk of his power, split into four keys and scattered.

    And where our story begins is not on some far reaching battle field of space…but a small insignificantly isolated world far from the chaotic fingers of the Cybertronian conflicts-Earth. And our hero is not some high IQ intellect of human progression…but a young girl whose involvement in the intergalactic war began when she was but a child- a child who tried to catch a falling star…
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    Chapter One: Lights in the sky.

    Unlike most kids her age, Madelyn preferred a quiet library then the mall. It wasn’t that she was an outcast or that she didn’t have many friends, she simply enjoyed the company of a good book rather then the company of a person most of the time. She was a girl of few words and few ambitions. Her parents owned a book store in town and she spent most of her time engrossed in the inventory. Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland, Narnia, Harry Potter, and The Enchanted Forest Chronicles were her friends through the long lazy days of summer that she spent in her family’s shop. No one really knew why, but Madelyn didn’t like going outside if she could help it. No one thought it strange enough to worry over, but her mother always fussed about it not being healthy for a young girl to spend all her time behind a book.

    “Go and find a nice boy,” She used to say half teasingly. “Preferably one not on the cover or inside of a book.”

    Maybe no one in her family liked to recall the incident or maybe they really didn’t remember, but when Madelyn was five…she came very close to dieing. It happened during a family reunion that was being held at the local lodge up in the mountains. Twilight was falling fast and everyone’s grills were well lit and already had sizzling meats and aluminum wrapped veggies on them. Her Uncle was busy telling her teenaged cousins proper grilling techniques while her Aunt and Grandmas were fussing over her baby cousin, Felicia. Madelyn, along with her eight year old cousin Derrick and his brother Jason went off to play in the clearing near the camp. What game they partook had been long forgotten but for some reason, Madelyn looked up and saw a shining light in the sky.

    “Look!” She said smiling as she pointed to the object of interest. Both boys looked up to see the falling light.

    “It’s a falling star!” Derrick announced and turned to Madelyn. “Try and catch it Madelyn.”

    Despite the fact this suggestion was of pure jest and was simply for the benefit of entertaining little Madelyn with the image of catching a star, the consequences of his words would have world shattering effects unforeseen as the three children gazed up in awe as the bright light fell towards them. With a slight realization that something was very wrong as the light seem to be heading straight as them, Derrick pulled his little brother away and called out to Madelyn to follow him. The light grew closer and closer-brighter and brighter…until…Disobediently, little Madelyn reached out with her hands to catch the light, but her hands missed closing around the star. Instead the bright light hit her squarely in the forehead, knocking her backwards to the ground. When the bright illumination cleared, the child lay motionless on the ground, blood gushing from a penny sized hole in her forehead.

    That was ten years ago.

    Madelyn underwent an emergency surgery to find whatever it was that hit her, but nothing was ever found. She survived and the only remnant of the event was a small, nearly invisible light patch of scar tissue on her forehead-roughly the size of a penny. Her Father often jokingly called her ‘Harry’ whenever he saw her fussing over it. Once in a while her small scar would itch or feel weird, sometimes even burn, but most often it was out of mind and didn’t bother her. Despite this, she obsessively used flesh colored foundation to hide it. The event that had given her the mark haunted her dreams for years. Having been a decade prior, she had gotten use to it, but there was no ridding herself of the phobia that if she ever dallied too long out doors the same event could repeat itself…and next time she might not be so lucky; which would explain why she was so nervous about the Family Reunion this year. Deciding well in advanced she would stay in camp under the wooden canopied pick nick area, Madelyn made sure to bring a bag of books to keep her occupied.

    “Aren’t you excited?” Her Father asked from the driver’s seat. Madelyn looked up from her book.

    “I’m excited about seeing everyone,” She replied but added bitterly. “It’s just the ‘out-door’ part that bugs me.”

    Her mother made a sound. “You need to get out more honey. You can’t live life from behind the pages of a book. Besides, some fresh air will do you some good.”

    “If I wanted some fresh air,” The young girl replied under her breath. “I’d go get some Fabreez.”

    The layout of the camp site was much like the last one several years ago. Everyone was already getting into the festivities and food was being prepared. Uncle Ben’s over the top RV took up the entire left side of the site, BBQ already set up and blazing, and Aunt Cindy brushing out the bright blonde hair of a now 10 year old Felicia. Hordes of laughing children ran around the crowds of adults as they stood and chatted while a dog yapped happily along with them. Madelyn twitched at the recollection of playing with Derrick and Jason in a similar fashion all those years ago…

    “-elyn? Madelyn?” Snapping back into reality, Madelyn looked into her mother’s face from the backseat smiling. “Are we back from Neverland yet?”

    Madelyn made a face and got out of the car, book bag swung securely under one arm. The smell of charcoal, lighter fluid, and pine trees asserted her senses as she stepped out into the open air. Even just standing there she could feel the apprehension begin to creep along the inside of her skull.

    “My goodness! Maddie! You’re so big!” Before Madelyn had a chance to react to the sudden noise, she was squeezed into a bear hug by Uncle Ben as he came striding up to their family car.

    “Hey,” She managed to say as she returned the hug.

    “Ben, how’ve you been?” Madelyn’s father asked reaching out to shake hands.

    “Can’t complain Richard, can’t complain,” Ben replied and turned to her mother. “Hello Julia, how’s the shop doing?”

    “Well enough,” Her mother replied.

    Madelyn made her way to the pick nick area and sat down on one of the tables. Pulling out a large volume, she began to read. Not too long into the third chapter a voice interrupted her processions. Looking up she saw a young boy, two years older then she.

    “Hey Maddie,” It was Jason, a grown up Jason. He was in swimming trunks, slightly damp, and he had apparently died the tips of his hair blue for some reason. There was no denial that he’d grown to be a handsome young man. “Wanna go swimming?”

    “Didn’t bring my suit,” She said.

    “That’s OK,” He replied. “You can barrow some of my clothes to swim in if you want.”

    Madelyn shook her head. “Nay, I’d rather read.”

    Jason made a face as he looked over the large volume in her hands. “What is it?”

    “Lord of the Rings,” She replied. “It’s all the books in one. I’m on book two.”

    “I could never even get through the Hobbit,” Jason said sitting next to her. “What else do you have?”

    Madelyn set her bookmark between two pages and set it aside as she pulled her book bag closer and pulled out the literature she’d brought. Most was Fantasy though she did bring Steven King’s IT. Jason picked this volume up and began flipping through it.

    “I’ve seen this movie,” Jason said. “Scared me to death when I as a kid. I’ve only seen the ending once. ”

    Madelyn smiled. “The book’s better.”

    “Isn’t it always?”

    For the next half hour or so the two cousins found themselves talking about books and other various interests. While Madelyn’s hobby was books and reading, Jason’s apparently was photography. He disappeared into his camper to retrieve a collection of his. Gazing through the album, Madelyn found herself awe struck. They were beautiful. Black and White photos of flowers, children playing in a field, and one of a balloon rising high into the sky were among her favorites.

    “Want me to take your picture?” He asked. “Sun set is a great time to take pictures, the lighting is so interesting.”

    “Nay,” She said.

    “Come on!”

    “I don’t-”

    “Pleeeeaaaaase?” Madelyn found herself giggling at the face he made. He was very good at making puppy eyed pleas.

    “Alright,” She replied, half smiling.

    A few moments later, Jason returned with an impressive looking Camera in one hand and a tripod in the other. “Let’s get some forest shots.”

    Despite the increasing apprehension of possible special debris knocking her out again, Madelyn found the courage to follow Jason into the woods. They wandered around for a time until Jason finally announced that he was satisfied with the set up and light. He took a couple pictures of Madelyn leaning against trees, gazing out into the sun, and other various poses. After the first few photos however, Madelyn began to really get into it striking funny and over exaggerated poses.

    “Look at miss high-fi model here,” Jason laughed as he took photos of Madelyn making ridiculous poses like the ones in fashion magazines. “Give it to me baby!”

    Laughing, Madelyn leaned against a nearby rock. “That’s enough, Jason.”

    “Awe, c’mon!” He said. Ambling over to where she sat on the rock, Jason joined her, leaning back. “Ok, we’re through then. You’re actually pretty photogenic y’know.”

    “Yeah right,” She said.

    “No really,” He persisted. “You are. You have a good complexion, comes out good in the lighting.”

    Madelyn looked around her and for the first time, realized night had set in. The sky was littered with tiny bright lights that made up the Milky Way. The same image that so much of the world had been deprived of in recent decades due to pollution shown brightly before the two teens…Madelyn began to panic.

    “Aren’t the beautiful?” Jason asked gazing into the heavens fawningly. “They’re so bright; it feels like you should be able to reach out and grabbed them like sand. Of course they’re billions of light years away, but still…hey are you OK?”

    Looking over, Jason saw Madelyn looking up into the sky anxiously.

    “I’m fine,” She said hurriedly. “Let’s just get back OK?”

    Jason sat up to look at his cousin and with a certain amount of understanding, nodded. “Sure.”

    Getting up to collect his camera and Tripod, Jason felt a twinge of guilt for having brought her out there. He knew she had lingering fears of the incident when she was younger, but he had hoped if he got her to have some fun, she would shed the silly fears. It seemed as if only his brother and he recalled the incident. Derrick had felt bad for a long time about what happened to little Maddie and Jason shared the feeling. They had seen first hand the horrible incident in which a streak of light fell from the sky and pierced the five year old child’s skull, leaving her unconscious on the ground in a pool of her own blood. It was terrifying for the two young boys. They made their way back to the camp in silence, both walking side by side not saying anything to each other though Jason felt as if he should. Madelyn spun her hair around her finger as she walked; a nervous habit she’ picked up. Nervously glancing up every once in a while, she studied the sky with a good amount of apprehension.

    ‘Where are you?’

    Madelyn stopped dead in her tracks, heart in her throat. A voice had spoken to her…but from within her. In her mind she could feel a probing presence almost as if it were looking around in her skull. The sensation wasn’t the least bit pleasant and it was horrifying.

    ‘Where are you?’

    The Voice again!

    “Madelyn?” Jason said looking back, seeing his cousin standing a few feet behind him. “Something the matter?”

    Looking up, Madelyn gave Jason a pleading glance. “Did you hear that?”

    Jason didn’t reply right away, instead he listened for anything that may be the source of her discomfort. “Nope.”

    “You don’t hear that?” She asked unbelieving and suddenly grasping her ears as a sharp pain shot through her. “But it’s so loud!”

    “Maddie?” Jason said worriedly as he walked over to her and put is arms around her. “Are you in pain?”

    ‘WHERE ARE YOU?!!!’

    With a painful squeak, Madelyn collapsed to the ground and huddled into a ball. “J-Jason it hurts! Make it stop!”

    Not knowing what to do, Jason picked up his cousin and began to run. Panic was shooting through his brain as he ran. Whatever was happening to Madelyn it looked serious. Fearing she could be having a brain aneurism he pushed his legs faster and harder…and then the world exploded in his face. A large explosion erupted before him, sending him and Madelyn flying backwards. Landing hard, Madelyn looked up to see Jason staring in awe at the blazing crater before him.

    ‘There you are…’

    Panicking, Madelyn turned around and looked every which way for the source of the voice. There was nothing there. Nothing she could see…

    ‘Look upwards little one…’

    Freezing from her frantic glancing, Madelyn found herself slowly raising her head up. And what she saw chilled her so deeply that she suddenly bean questioning her sanity. Hovering just above the tree tops, glaring down at her, was a large dark being. Easily twenty feet tall, the being suddenly began to descend. As it closed in, the fire from the explosion gave light to the otherwise dark figure. Black…metal skin…bright yellow eyes…

    Madelyn transfixed her eyes so intently on the robotic being; she didn’t hear Jason yelling for her to run. Pulling her to her feet, Jason force her into a run. They didn’t get far. A giant metal foot blocked their path as it smashed unmercifully into the Earth. Madelyn stared into the yellow eyes. Those horribly yellow eyes…With a horrid realization, Madelyn watched as the figure reached forward with a dark hand towards them. Jason pushed her away, yelling something. Large finger grasped around Jason and lifted him up.

    “NO!” Madelyn screamed. “Don’t hurt him!”

    The dark being regarded her for a moment before turning and re-depositing Jason onto the ground. Turning back, the being took a couple steps, closing the gap between Madelyn and him. Madelyn shut her eyes as tightly as she could and squeaked indignantly as the hand of the robotic being closed in around her, picking her up with a noticeable gentleness.

    ‘I am sorry little one…’

    Madelyn let out a cry as the being jumped back into the skies, the G-force heavy and pushing her back into the giant’s palm. Madelyn grasped onto the metallic thumb desperately as the wind roared in her ears.

    ‘PUT ME DOWN!’ Madelyn pleaded within her mind.

    ‘I cannot…’ Came the reply.

    When the rush of wind and the pull of momentum ceased, she looked up into the giant robot’s face.

    ‘You can hear my thoughts?’ Madelyn thought, frightened.

    ‘I can.’ He nodded. ‘I can hear the voices of all the keys.’

    ‘Keys?’ She thought dumbly. ‘I’m human, I’m not a key!’

    The robot’s face suddenly saddened. ‘Unfortunately you are. And as such it is my mission to retrieve you and bring you back to my Lord.’

    Madelyn felt tears swelling up in her eyes. ‘Why? Why are you doing this? Please, let me go! Please.’

    Madelyn flinched away as the other hand loomed near her and began to gently stroke her head like you would a pet mouse.

    ‘If there was any other way,’ the voice soothed. ‘I would…but there is more at stake then just you or me. Everything has been endangered because of us.’

    With that, the robot transferred Madelyn to his other hand and with his newly free hand, reached down to his leg and opened a compartment. Taking a strange circular device from within, the robot sat his human captive in the center. The rotating gear on the bottom of the metallic disc began to spin and illuminate. Madelyn gasped.

    ‘Keep still.’ He warned.

    Before she could do anything or reply, a glass shield rose up from within the groves upon the disc, encasing the human girl inside. Eyes wide and heart pounding in her ears, she began to cry.

    “What did I do?” Madelyn sobbed aloud, pressing her hands and forehead against the glass.

    The robot didn’t answer her.
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    Chapter Two: For what it’s worth…

    When the darkness of her slumber lifted, she found herself in a dark place. The only light from a small window just in front of her and beneath her lining her prison was a coarse and itchy fabric. Madelyn didn’t remember falling asleep. She didn’t remember being put inside the cage either. Well-cage wasn’t the most accurate word. It was more like a kennel. A large metal box with one barred window set inside the heavy door-locked of course. Rubbing her head sorely, Madelyn proper herself onto her elbow and looked around. The fabric lining the floor reminded her of a straw woven texture, but more resilient. It was cold, she realized. Lifting her head she peered around her, feeling weak and groggy. Her head, oh her poor head-it hurt so much.

    Looking out past the barred window, she saw a room that looked as though it were taken straight from an old 50’s robot movie. Up the budget by a couple billion and have Michael Bay direct it and Tim Burton design everything and bang your in business. Strange devices lined the walls, glowing machines stood stationary in a corner, and the ominous humming of various operations set the stage. Boxes upon boxes lined the far corner. Despite being overwhelmingly frightened, Madelyn found herself in awe of her surroundings.

    ‘What is all this?’ She thought.

    ‘It is called a storage room,’ a familiar voice said as though it should be obvious, within her mind before adding with a noticeable tone (like a relieved sigh) ‘I am glad to see you survived the trip. I did not anticipate you would not be able to withstand the trip through the warp gate.’

    Still new to the entire ESP thing, Madelyn jumped when the voice spoke. She didn’t reply, but instead she retreated back into her cage and sat down.

    ‘You are upset with me.’

    ‘No shit Sherlock.’ She thought back bitterly. ‘And don’t talk…uh…think so loudly. It hurts.’

    The voice made a noise. The significance of it was lost on Madelyn however.

    ‘I know you must be terribly frightened and confused,’ He said. ‘But if we both cooperate and do as we are told, we will see our home worlds again.’

    With a start, Madelyn caught on and asked with a certain amount of bemusement ‘You’re being held prisoner?’

    ‘Yes,’ He admitted. ‘I am a Key as well. And as such, I have been enslaved by my captors. They use my abilities as a key to locate and collect the other keys. With you having been found, all four have been located and retrieved.’

    Madelyn suddenly became optimistic. ‘So does that mean I can go home soon?’

    ‘No,’ He said. ‘Though all keys have been found, our captors do not possess them all.’

    Crestfallen, Madelyn settled back, pressing her shoulders into the cold metal that was her prison. ‘Where are the other two?’

    ‘They are being held by the Autobots,’ He said. ‘Our master will expect us to aid them in finding and retrieving the other keys.’

    ‘Are the others…robots like you?’

    ‘I am not a ‘robot’,’ He said, with a slight resentful tone. ‘I am a Mech. And yes, they are, though we are from other planets. I am part of a cousin species of the one holding us prisoner, from the planet Yasurr. My name is Zandrex.’

    Madelyn made her over to the window once again and stuck her arms between the bars. ‘My name is Madelyn Gates…I’m from Earth.’

    ‘Madelyngates…what a strange name.’

    ‘Not Madelygates-Madelyn Gates. Two words. You can just call me Madelyn.’

    ‘Very well Madelyn.’

    ‘What are they called? They guys holding us?’


    ‘That’s not very encouraging…’ Madelyn mentally shivered.

    For the first time since ‘talking’ with him, Zandrex chuckled. ‘Indeed.’

    There was a long moment of silence.

    ‘I wonder if Jason made it back safe…’ Madelyn wondered freely forgetting for a moment that the voice could ease drop.


    ‘The boy I was with me when you abducted me.’ Madelyn said, adding a tone of distain at the end. ‘I hope mom and Dad don’t worry too much…mom drinks whenever she’s worried…’

    Grasping onto the bars, she looked out at her grim surroundings. The thought of being held prisoner by alien robots-Mechs-left a strong melancholy tastes in her mouth and she began to feel as if the entire fat behind of the universe had just promptly sat upon her. A dark figure suddenly engulfed her vision. Startled by the sudden appearance of the robot, Madelyn flinched back with a cry of surprise. It was Zandrex. For the first time, she got a good look at him in the light. He was entirely black save for his face, which was silver. He had broad shoulders, but a slime frame. Even Madelyn, who knew little to nothing about aerodynamics, cold tell he was probably very fast. He gazed intently into her face, yellow optics glowing.

    ‘I swear on my very Spark,’ He said. ‘I will allow nothing to happen to you.’ He smiled. ‘So your family has nothing to worry about.’

    Madelyn, though taken aback by the sudden declaration, found herself smiling. ‘Thank you.’

    Zandrex’s smile faded as a loud hissing sound filled the room. As he stood, Madelyn saw the door behind him had opened and a Mech had entered. Blatantly purple, the new Mech walked straight into the room, carrying a familiar looking disk with him and disregarding Zandrex altogether. The first thing besides the loud color scheme that Madelyn noticed was that he only had one eye.

    ‘A Cyclopes?’ Madelyn found herself thinking.

    “Good Evening Lord Shockwave,” Zandrex said as he stood at attention. Madelyn heard Zandrex speaking in her mind as he spoke aloud to the newcomer but the language he vocally spoke was nothing she could understand. It was like listening to the Radio when someone was speaking a different language and the translator spoke over it. A voice over…

    It was only when he spoke, did Shockwave take notice of the black Mech.

    “Megatron is pleased with you Zandrex,” Shockwave spoke very flatly and simply. “Keep up this rate of successful missions and soon you will see your home soon enough.” The purple Decepticon looked past him and glared at Madelyn who shrank back into the cage. “It will prove a challenge to keep it functioning. None of us expected you to bring back an organic.”

    “She is the missing key Lord Shockwave,” Zandrex replied. “I have established the internal connection prior to my return.”

    “A sentient organic? Interesting. So the fleshling can understand us now then?” Shockwave asked. “Good, this will make things simpler.”

    Turning on his heels, Shockwave began walking straight towards Madelyn’s cage. Panicking, she ran to the back and pressed herself against the farthest point she could squeeze into. As the bulk of Showave’s body blocked out the light coming in from the tiny window, she heard the clicking of the lock being removed. As the door of the cage opened, Madelyn felt herself go cold and primal fear begin to take over.

    ‘Calm yourself Madelyn,’ Zandrex told her sternly. ‘Shockwave cannot harm you as long as you’re a key. They need you. Remember that!’

    It didn’t help. If you’re a first time bungee jumper, despite the bungee, you’re still about to jump off a cliff! Even if he wasn’t-couldn’t- hurt her, there was still a giant alien robot trying to grab her! His words were of little comfort as a giant purple hand reached in and large purple fingers clasped around Madelyn, pulling her out into the light of the room. She tried her best not to scream, but a defiant squeak escaped her as she was lifted high into the air.

    “This species doesn’t appear in any of our records,” Shockwave mused as he studied the frightened creature in his hand. “What sector did you find it?”

    “I couldn’t say,” Zandrex replied, a slight tone shift behind it.

    Shockwave regarded the black Mech for a moment and then laughed, short and humorlessly. “Very clever Zandrex. Very clever. I suppose you erased the Warp Gate’s track records as well?”

    “Yes Lord Shockwave,” Zandrex replied. “You cannot use her home planet as leverage against her as you have mine.”

    “‘Her’?” Shockwave asked, his eye flashing in interest, ignoring the obvious display of impudence on Zandrex’s part. “It’s female is it?”

    “Her name is Madelyn.”

    “Irrelevant information.” Shockwave replied turning back to Madelyn. “Lord Megatron wishes to see the flesh creature.”

    ‘Who is Megatron?’ Madelyn asked turning towards Zandrex, the fear in her inner voice blatantly clear. ‘I don’t want to go anywhere!’

    ‘You must calm yourself,’ Zandrex repeated. ‘Decepticons feed on fear. If you show them your fright, they will only make it worse. Trust me little one, you must calm yourself.’

    Taking a bracing breath, Madelyn obeyed and decided to concentrate on bring down her heart rate. Shockwave gave no notice to her as he reached over to the table where he had placed the disk and reclaimed it. Reenacting the scene from before, the Deception activated the disk and allowed it to hover in mid air before depositing Madelyn on top. Just like before, glass shielding rose from within and encased her inside the hovering glass oval. Madelyn found herself staring into the single eye of the Decepticon called Shockwave.

    “Megatron is most interested in you,” Shockwave told her. If he had a mouth or any visual indication of his emotions, she bet he would be smirking at her. “All four pieces have been found…and now the battle to possess them all has begun.”

    Despite the situation lacking all humor, Madelyn found herself thinking with a bitter laugh, ‘What do they think I am? A Poke’mon? Gotta catch ‘em all!’


    Sitting on her knees, hands pressed to the glass, Madelyn searched around with her eyes as the hovering disk that was her transport floated down the corridor with Shockwave taking up the back. Everything was dark. Despite the storage room being moderately well lit, the halls were almost pitch-black. This simply added to her increasing anxiety. She could see the light glowing eyes and hear the pounding of heavy foot falls as large dark shapes (more Decepticons?) traveled passed, some stopping to salute Shockwave or something. If they took any notice of her, she couldn’t tell. Her head hurt still and even through the glass, the loud noises that the place she found herself in produced were deafening.

    A couple Ibuprofens and some water would be real nice right about now…

    ‘The pain will go away soon,’ Zandrex’s voice told her. ‘You’re mind simply isn’t use to the internal link just yet.’

    ‘What is this internal link?’

    ‘Our, that is the four keys’, ability to communicate mentally to one another,’ Zandrex said. ‘It also allows us to locate one another. That’s how I found you.’


    ‘When you reach Megatron’s chambers, you must not look directly into his optics,’ Warned the voice.

    ‘Not that I was planning on having a staring contest with the guy, but just out of curiosity why?’

    ‘Megatron is a ruthless killer,’ Zandrex sneered. ‘And he absolutely detests organics. The only thing keeping him from turning you into an organic smear on the ground is that you’re a key. You must show him that you have submitted to his power. Anger, resist, or defy him and he will find unimaginable ways in which to make suffer without actually killing you.’

    Madelyn swallowed hard, which proved slightly difficult with her heart firmly lodged inside her trachea.

    ‘I tell you this not because I wish to frighten you Madelyn,’ Zandrex told her. ‘This is how you deal with Decepticons. Never show them your fear and allow them to feel as though they control you. Speak only when spoken to.’

    ‘Wait…when you talked to Shockwave I could hear you talking in a language I’d never heard, but in my mind I could hear you too and understand it,’ Madelyn said as a thought came upon her. ‘When I speak aloud you can understand me through the internal link, but will they be able to understand me when I talk aloud?’

    ‘I hadn’t thought of that…’ Zandrex replied sounding perplexed. ‘Theoretically they should. Though you are organic and do not use the same verbal method of communicating as us Mechanical beings.’

    ‘That’s not very encouraging,’ Madelyn thought.

    ‘All mechanical beings can speak each other’s language by sharing the file with one another, but as you are organic I don’t think the same applies with you,’ Zandrex mused with Madelyn adding in a thoughtful ‘hm’. ‘If anyone wished to speak with you directly I need only to give them the file.’

    Madelyn didn’t reply. The disk had stopped in front of a large door and quietly hovered in place as Shockwave walked around to press a complicated serial of codes into a panel on the right side of the doorway. With a loud hiss, the door opened, sliding to the side and disappeared into the wall. Beyond the threshold was a room unlike anything Madelyn had ever seen. Computers, thousands of them, lines the walls with their monitors displaying various read outs and images, some even video. Wires and large bundles of cords lay like spider webs upon the floor all leading up to a large throne like chair in the center. Seated upon it was an immense figure, its imposing presence caused Madelyn to gasp. Broad shoulders and a face encircled by a helmet of some sort and a cannon like device attached to its right arm, very large and heavy looking. His eyes-optics Zandrex had called them-were blood red and glowing. Stepping lightly into the dark room, the only light being emitted from the various monitors, Shockwave made his way though the room and stopped before the throne of the immense being. Reaching the Decepticon leader, Shockwave lowered himself to one knee and bowed. Recalling Zandrex’s words, Madelyn quickly lowered her own head.

    “Lord Megatron,” Shockwave said. “I present to you the fourth and final key.”

    Madelyn didn’t dare look up, but she could feel those red optics on her. Grasping her jeans she resisted all urges to look up.

    “Well done Shockwave you may stand,” When Megatron spoke it was cold and deep. “See to it Zandrex is refueled.”

    “Yes my lord.”

    Madelyn tensed when she heard the deep pounding of Megatron’s foot steps as he traveled down from his throne and stopped mere feet from Madelyn’s hovering position. Madelyn could see Megatron’s torso as he stood before her.

    “What irony should it be for the fourth key to be but a lowly organic,” Megatron said coldly. “Zandrex is positive this is the key?”

    Though she could not see, Shockwave nodded. “Yes, he has already established the internal link with the fleshling. Also…”

    “What?” Megatron asked, sounding displeased.

    “Zandrex has erased all indications of the organics’ planetary origins,” Shockwave explained. “This species isn’t in our databanks either.”

    “Perfect,” Megatron said, the grin in his voice obvious. “All he is done has stranded the insect. No doubt he intended to keep us from using it’s planet as a means to exploit it.”

    “Indeed,” Shockwave replied. “However, without the necessary information it will prove a challenge to keep it functioning long enough for our purpose. And even then, organics do not have long life spans to begin with.”

    “We will have to speed up our plans then won’t we?” Megatron replied indifferently. Madelyn caught a scream in her throat as Megatron suddenly reached out and grabbed her. The glass shielding around her began to crack and shatter as the metal flooring beneath her moaned. She covered her face from the glass. The remnants of the disk fell to the floor with a loud bang accompanied by a shower of shattered glass. Megatron uncurled his fist, revealing a very startled but very alive Madelyn.

    “Pay keen attention to my words fleshling,” Megatron said. “You are at my mercy and as such will do my bidding when I so command. Any such disobedience will result in punishment far greater then you can imagine. Learn your place and you may survive this ordeal. The shard of power in which you possess somewhere inside that organic flesh is rightfully mine…and sooner then not I will have again.” Megatron smirked, optics flashing. “Locating the other keys would be most beneficial to your longevity.”

    At that moment, Madelyn suddenly understood her situation. Mind spinning and stomach squirming nauseously, Madelyn bowed her head.

    “I understand,” Madelyn said, still not sure if they could understand her. “My Lord Megatron.”
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    Chapter three: Searching…

    Far from the drama unfolding upon the Decepticon mother ship, seventeen sectors away aboard another space transportation shuttle as it began reemerging from a warp gate a young Mech’s senses went crazy.

    “The fourth!” He bellowed over the ship wide comm. “The fourth has been located! You guys get your sorry afts in here!”

    Turning off the power and leaning away from the microphone, Daiga smiled to himself. Waiting patiently in his seat, he began humming to himself. A few moments later the doors to the room hiss open and a large red Mech stepped through.

    “You! How in the pit do you keep getting in here?!” The enraged Mech demanded pointing an accusatory finger at the younger Bot. “I thought Prowl confined you to your quarters!”

    Daiga smirked. “You keep forgetting old timer- I’m a key!”

    The red Mech’s face didn’t budge at this revelation. “I know. It’s the only reason I haven’t tossed you out the garbage shoot yet!”

    “You should be happy Ironhide,” Daiga told him. “I just picked up the fourth key’s signature! It’s not too far away either.”

    Ironhide straightened and glared at Daiga. “Let me guess, about seventeen sectors that way?” Ironhide pointed behind him. Daiga’s grinning face faded. “Yeah…how’d you know?”

    The older Mech’s face turned stern. “We picked up a Decepticon ship on our long range scanners after following a Warp Gate signature about twenty breems ago.”

    There was a heavy pregnant pause. “So then Zandrex got to it first,” Daiga replied slowly. “Slaggit all. How does he keep doing that?”

    Ironhide made his way over to Daiga, shaking his head. “Perceptor said something about a possibility being that he possesses a larger piece of the Artifact then you or the others.”

    Daiga, put his hands behind his head and leaned back in the chair. “That doesn’t seem very fair…”

    Growling, Ironhide kicked the front of the chair, causing it to topple backwards. With a cry of surprise, Daiga fell back and hit the floor. Looking up, daggers in his topics, the young Mech glared at Ironhide.

    “What was that for?”

    Ironhide regarded him a moment before smirking. “You were wide open, I couldn’t resist. Now get your aft back in your room!”


    ‘How do we find the other keys?’ Madelyn asked dubiously, looking over at her mentor’s face. They stood on the observation deck of the Decepticon’s Mother ship, the Dias Morga, Madelyn seated on his shoulder. Before them the universe spread out in all its infinity, stars blinking brightly at them, almost tauntingly.

    ‘It’s hard to explain,’ Zandrex replied. ‘If they are within range you can sense them. If they are close enough you can speak to them through the internal link.’

    ‘So we’re expected to find two microscopic needles in an infinite hey stack…’ She concluded. ‘How long did it take you to find me?’

    Zandrex smiled and looked over at the human seated on his shoulder. ‘Not as long as you think. I could sense your presence on the planet, the general area, but as for your exact position, that took the most time. I essentially chose one direction and turned around if your signature faded and started over.’

    ‘Is that why you screamed at me?’ Madelyn asked recalling the time in which the voice grew so loud in her mind that it had caused her to collapse in pain.

    Zandrex shifted slightly as if embarrassed at the recollection. ‘I was frustrated. If I’d known it would have harmed you I-’

    ‘You’re too apologetic,’ Madelyn cut him off. ‘You don’t have to apologize to me for anything. I know now you were just following orders. Even if you abducted me, I’m glad it was you and not Shockwave or some other drone. Don’t worry about it. We’ll get out of this together, just wait and see.’

    Zandrex continued to stare at Madelyn, surprised at her words of confidence. Only a few breems prior she had been in tears, scared, confused, and distraught yet now she seemed calm-almost confident. Madelyn turned to meet Zandrex’s gaze…and smiled. For a long moment the black Mech was silent with bemusement. Finally, he smiled back.

    ‘Thank you Madelyn,’ He said sincerely. ‘I have missed conversing with someone as an equal rather then as slave to Master.’

    ‘You’re welcome,’ Madelyn replied. ‘So one more time…how exactly do we find the other keys?’

    Zandrex couldn’t suppress his laugh.


    “All of the pieces are in place Prime,” A Mech said, easily the shortest of the group, with black and white armor with a red ceremonial crest donning his forehead. “What is our next move?”

    “It is a difficult situation,” Replied a voice, seated in a large high backed chair at the head of the table. A glowing hologram of the solar grid with their current position marked shown cheerfully before the gathered council. “With all four keys now located, we are at a standstill. We no longer have the advantage.”

    “We are not at a disadvantage either,” Pointed out a familiar Red armored Mech, Ironhide.

    “Nevertheless,” The black and white Mech said. “Zandrex is easily the most opposing of the keys. Neither Daiga nor Groove are any sort of match for him, even together.”

    “He’s had more time to integrate his powers acquired from the Artifact shard into his systems then the others,” The Prime replied thoughtfully. “If Daiga or Groove could learn their abilities as well as Zandrex had learned his, we would most certainly regain the advantage.” Turning to Ironhide he asked, “Do we know anything about the fourth?”

    Ironhide sighed. “All that they could tell me was that the shard was inside a living host.”

    “Not very helpful intelligence,” The black and white Mech replied distastefully. “At least Groove was able to tell us a vague description of Daiga when we were searching for him. How are we to retrieve the fourth if we don’t know what to look for? Optimus?”

    “It is discouraging, but we cannot loose hope,” Optimus Prime said standing. Walking around the table he pointed to their position. “We are roughly ten sectors away from Dias Morga. Based on the fact they haven’t changed position, this tells us their long range scanners must still be offline from our last battle. We will use this to our advantage. Their short range reaches roughly three sectors, plenty of room for Daiga and Groove to make internal contact with the fourth key. We will call Ultra Magnus and the Valladus for reinforcements.”

    Catching on, the black and white Mech gapped at his leader. “Sir, do you plan to siege Dias Morga?”

    Without meeting his gaze Optimus Prime replied, “Yes Prowl. That’s exactly what I intend to do.”


    Following Zandrex’s directions was proving…difficult. Mostly because he himself was having trouble putting action into words which proved even more problematic when every comparison he used to explain something really only applied to a being of mechanical origins, not organics.

    ‘Megatron better not expect me to be able to find the others anytime soon,’ Madelyn thought bitterly. ‘Because at this rate I’d have better chance of jumping off ship and randomly floating around space…’

    ‘It is also possible you are actually doing it correctly and that they are simply too far away to connect with,’ Zandrex added encouragingly. ‘Don’t expect everything to suddenly become second nature to you. It took me a very long time to understand any of my abilities.’

    ‘So I’m gonna be an old lady by the time I get this…’ Madelyn replied sadly before perking up. ‘What do you mean by ‘abilities’?’

    ‘As I understand it,’ Zandrex explained. ‘Each of us who host a piece if the Artifact, making us keys, gain certain abilities. Some are shared while others are unique to the host. For example, we all can link internally and sense one another, but only I can manipulate technology.’

    ‘Wassat mean?’ Madelyn asked. ‘Manipulating technology…?”

    Zandrex reached up to his shoulder and, gently plucking her up, place Madelyn onto the ground. ‘I’ll show you.’

    Madelyn watched with interest as Zandrex walked over to a computer counsel, one of many inside the observation deck, and smashed his hand into the controls. Madelyn sucked in breath at Zandrex’s action but remained silent about it. With a grunt, Zandrex pulled his arm out, hand full of wires. Sparks flew from within the computer and the wires suddenly sprang to life, wrapping around Zandrex’s fist like constricting snakes. The metal bodies of the wires began to melt into his fist and with a final jerk; he pulled his arm free of the whole mess. In his hands, the blob of metal began to shift and change, becoming solid once again. Turning back to Madelyn, he bent down and presented the newly reformed object in his fist.

    ‘What is it?’ She asked, unsure. With a smile, he pushed a small button atop the device. Madelyn face lit up as a soft soothing, and very familiar, melody drifted from within. ‘A music box!’

    Zandrex smiled. ‘I heard this song when I first entered your mind.’

    Listening quietly to the music playing, Madelyn sucked in a breath. ‘It’s…this is the song my mom use to sing to me…when I was really little. She sang this to me when I was in hospital after…’

    When Madelyn fell silent, Zandrex peered down at her. ‘What is it?’

    Madelyn sat there silently crying with tears freely forming and falling down her face.

    ‘Have I upset you?’ Zandrex asked, concerned.

    ‘No,’ She told him, wiping away a stray tear. ‘I just miss my home is all.’

    Before Zandrex could reply a new voice made its presence know.

    “Keeping the organic entertained Zandrex?” Said a new Mech as he entered the deck, door hissing behind him. He was slightly taller then Zandrex, though by far more intimidating. He had wings of some sort extruded from his shoulder blades and thin narrow cannons attached to each arm. His face, like many of the Mechs Madelyn had encountered, was encased in a helmet, black in his case. His eyes were like glowing rubies, not like the dark yellow ones of Shockwave or the bloodlust red of Megatron. “Shouldn’t you be searching for the others?”

    Zandrex turned to face the newcomer and quickly got down to one knee. “Lord Starscream.” Remembering herself, Madelyn followed Zandrex’s example. She heard the Decepticon snort.

    “If I recall,” Starscream said dangerously. “Megatron forbid you from using your powers unless directly commanded. Isn’t that so?”

    Zandrex’s face tightened. “…it is my Lord.”

    Starscream’s smirk deepened. “How to punish you then..?”

    ‘No!’ Madelyn said within her mind. ‘He can’t! You didn’t do anything!’

    ‘Do nothing Madelyn,’ Zandrex forbid. ‘I can take care of myself. Remain still.’


    ‘No!’ The strength of the command made Madelyn flinch in physical pain. ‘Starscream may not be as ruthless as Megatron but he is just as ambitious and just as dangerous. He is second in command of the entire Decepticon faction, second only to Megatron. Do not cross him. Understood?’

    ‘Yes sir…’

    Walking over to Zandrex’s bowing form; Starscream reached out and grabbed the back of the black Mech’s head, smashing it into the floor with such force, Madelyn felt the ground beneath her jump. Startled by the sudden violence, Madelyn scrambled away from the two.

    “What could I do to make you remember your place?” Starscream asked, twisting Zandrex’s face deeper into the floor. Madelyn sucked in a breath, alerting Starscream to her presence. Turning sharply to her, the winged Decepticon grinned. “Well, well, well…What do we have here?”

    Madelyn, scrambled to regain her footing and quickly returned to a bowing position. Ignoring the display of submission, Starscream grabbed Madelyn, roughly.

    “Perhaps the lesson would be better learned if,” Starscream mused. “The little one was to take the punishment instead.”

    “Lord Starscream! Plea-”

    Madelyn screamed as pain shot through her lower half, Starscream’s fingers gripping her hard.

    “Madelyn!” Zandrex cried aloud. “Lord Starscream, stop!”

    “Why should I?” Starscream replied.

    “You’re hurting her!”

    “Oh?” Starscream sneered. “If this is the extent of her endurance she will not last very long.”

    Suddenly the entire ship shuttered violently and Starscream was barely able to keep upright. Zandrex fell to the ground, gripping onto anything to steady himself. The alarms blared on and a mechanical sounding voice spoke over the intercom.

    “{All personnel to battle stations. Autobot fleet detected, I repeat Autobot Fleet detected. All personnel to battle stations.}”

    Cursing, Starscream allowed Madelyn to fall from his grip before running towards the door and disappearing down the hall. Zandrex reached out desperately and caught the girl.

    ‘Are you hurt?’ Zandrex asked quickly, looking her over for any signs of injuries. She didn’t reply. Shaking terribly, Madelyn reached out and gripped Zandrex’s thumb, burying her face into the metal and began to cry. ‘Oh Madelyn…I’m so sorry…’

    Holding her to his chest sympathetically, Zandrex stood and looked out the window. A large ship less then a sector away loomed in his vision like some ominous vulture, weaponry firing straight at them. Though he feared the repercussions his actions would produce, he knew what needed to be done…

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