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Discussion in 'Transformers Fan Fiction' started by madbeanz, Mar 19, 2012.

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    Mar 19, 2012
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    Thank you for reading this post. I have been working on a concept for a new Transformers series with a great group of writers and artists. We are at the stage where we are ready to bring on other additional collaborators- including WRITERS to help us finalize scripts. I know there are Transformers fans who are super talented writers so I wanted to put the word out there to see who would be interested in joining us.

    Please note that we are not associated with Hasbro but are pursuing this project as both a pitch to get Hasbro interested in the idea and an entry into the BotCon Film Festival. Either way this is sure to be an amazing showcase of the talents of all involved. Currently there is no pay but we are offering contributors equity in the project as well as the opportunity to truly contribute their ideas to shape the concept.

    We are looking for Writers with strong Comedy and Action samples. Knowledge of Transformers is definitely a plus.
    If interested, please email the following information to me.

    1. NAME
    2. SKILLS
    3. WORK SAMPLES (Send links to online work or attach writing samples)
    If selected, more details on the project, story concept and collaborators will follow.
    Do not leave messages here please.
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    I'm not particularly known for comedy and action on this site, so I will not submit an entry. However, if you ever need someone to make everything rather depressing, I would love to help.

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