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    Coldfire was modified from a Cybertron Override GTS figure. Initially I'd only intended to modify the fig to work without the need for a Cyber Key, as I have with many other figures. But since it required a fair bit more modding than most other figs, and since I really didn't have any affinity for the Override character anyway (having barely watched the Cybertron 'toon), I decided to take it a bit further by turning it into a new character.

    The main point was to remove the need for the Cyber Key; with most other figs I've been able to get round this by trimming down the supplied Key to the point of being a tab and a button, and simply gluing the tab to the switch, which is normally pushed when the Key is pressed into the slot. But in this case, the button would have interfered with the rear flap (which becomes the front of the car in vehicle mode). So I gouged out a slot in the top of the backpack, and started to construct a switch from styrene. While I was at it, I trimmed off the annoying rubbery wings, and decided to make a new spoiler and attach it to the switch - this way the pack could be stored and activated while on the back, which couldn't be done previously. I was about to scratchbuild a spoiler, then found a spare from a junker RiD Prowl.
    I also relpaced the similarly rubber guns with scratchbuilt ones from styrene tubing.

    The head was a simple matter of trimming down the crest fins (which I thought drew too much attention to the head in vehicle mode), smoothing the crest off and rebuilding a little with Green Stuff, and then (since by this point I'd decided it was going to be a Decepticon) make him a little more evil-looking by sculpting on a sleek faceplate - Green Stuff again.

    I painted the modded bits, added a Decepticon Reprolabel rubsign on the chest, and voila!



    FUNCTION: Armourer, Xenotechnologian

    “More boom... always more boom...”

    Profile: Coldfire is an unexploded bomb. While he portrays himself as a cool, sombre scientist, it’s just a mask; underneath, he’s constantly on edge. He’s paranoid that if he doesn’t constantly produce deadlier and more efficient weapons, then Megatron may start to consider him useless and dispose of him. As a result, he works himself up into a frenzy, spending every hour in the lab until he shuts down from exhaustion.
    He welcomes the call to battle; aside from serving as a field test for his latest inventions, it also acts as a pressure valve, allowing him to vent his stress on some poor, unsuspecting Autobots.

    Abilities: Subject has average strength, agility and stamina, but well above average durability and intelligence. He is also equipped with vulcanised rubber armour, which shields his circuits from excess electricity; he can easily withstand millions of volts travelling through him with no damage. Subject is one of Cybertron’s foremost weapons engineers, and many of the Decepticons’ latest armaments are his handiwork. While his results working with existing Cybertronian technology are impressive enough, his real speciality lies in reverse-engineering captured alien artefacts and weapons. He transforms into a ground vehicle capable of speeds up to 320mph on the flat.
    Subject is equipped with a pack, of his own design, which strips ions from the atmosphere and uses the stored energy to provide a power boost to its wearer. This energy can be used to channel a bolt of static electricity, or to power a ‘knuckle-bomb’ – an explosive energy charge that detonates on contact with a target. In particularly high-pressure atmospheres, two conductor rods extend to encourage and attract lightning, further increasing the power. In optimum conditions, a knuckle-bomb could feasibly shatter a mountainside; however, the user’s circuits must be heavily insulated (as Subject’s are), to avoid risking terminal stasis lock. The pack can also be wielded as a hand-held weapon; in this form the conductors act as gun barrels to more accurately direct the energy flow. This function can also be employed in vehicle mode.

    Weaknesses: So severe is Subject’s neurosis that often when he gets into battle, any considerations of safety (his or anyone else’s) goes out of the window; as a result, he rarely looks where he’s going or firing, and frequently forgets any safety protocols needed to protect him from his own weapons. Fortunately he’s so far been tough enough to survive his own absent-mindedness.

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    Wow. I'm speechless. Nice job on Coldfire, Ramrider hope to see more.
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    Nice, subtle but nice.

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    I really like this mod.
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    dang dude keep em coming I like it

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