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    Everything is negotiable. At the bottom is a list of things I need. IF A DEAL IS NOT WORKED OUT BY THE 1ST DAY/3RD MESSAGE, WHATEVER ITEM(S) DISCUSSED IS STILL UP FOR GRABS. Thanks for looking.


    Transformers MIB
    -Optimus Prime (20th Anniversary, U.S. MP, black gun)
    -Jazz (Movie, G1 paint scheme, Target Exclusive)

    -Optimus Prime (20th Anniversary, U.S. MP. Black, Gray, or Blue gun. Your choice!)
    -Skywarp (Classics, Target Exclusive. never removed from box)
    -Megatron (Animated, Voyager)
    -Bulkhead (Animated, Voyager)

    25th MOC (All Silver Logo. All C8-C9.75)
    -Cobra Commander (w1, hooded) x2
    -Flint (w1) *PENDING*
    -Snake Eyes w/ Timber (w1)
    -Storm Shadow (w1)
    -Storm Shadow (w1, 2 peg stand)
    -Buzzer (w2)
    -Cobra Trooper (w2) x7
    -Lady Jaye (w2)
    -Lady Jaye (w2, 2 peg stand)
    -Serpentor (w2) x2
    -Firefly (w3, fixed crotch)
    -Red Ninja (w3)
    -Stalker (w3, fixed crotch)
    -Zartan (w3, sticker)
    -Cobra Air Trooper (w4)
    -Cobra Commander (w4, helmet)
    -Destro (w4)
    -Duke (w4)
    -Gung Ho (w4)
    -Roadblock (w4)
    -Scarlett (w4)
    -Storm Shadow (w4)
    -Crimson Guard (w5) x3
    -Destro (w5, Iron Grenadier)
    -Flash (w5)
    -Snake Eyes (w5, black) x2
    -Snow Job (w5)
    -Cobra Commander (w6, armored)
    -Rock N' Roll (w6)
    -Duke (w7, jetpack)
    -HISS Driver (w7)
    -Snake Eyes (w7, leather)
    -Spirit (w7)
    -Wild Bill (w7)
    -Grand Slam (Target, sealed w/ Night Spectre)

    Modern MOC (White Logos)
    -Baroness (w8, 1st appearance)
    -Cobra Commander (w8, element)
    -Python Officer (w8)
    -Roadblock (w8, "city assault")
    -Snake Eyes (w8, arctic)
    -Barbeque (w9)
    -Bazooka (w9)
    -Snow Serpent (w9)
    -Wraith (w10) x2
    -Cobra Flint (w11) *PENDING*
    -Zartan (w11)

    LOOSE (all complete C9+, with FC unless otherwise noted)
    -Duke (DVD pk#5, helmet and FC only)
    -Cobra FANG pilots x2 (Air Vipers, no rifles)
    -Snake Eyes w/Timber (W1, diaper crotch)
    -Baroness (Scuba Suit, DVD Battles)
    -Snake Eyes (Radioactive, DVD Battles)
    -Destro (from 5-pk)
    -Destro (CP)
    -Duke (vs Red Star, CP)
    -Cobra Commander (UBP)
    -Command Flight Pod (blue, UBP)
    -DTC HISS (x2, MIB, Figure and FC's have been removed)
    -"Best of the 80's" DVD

    GI Joe VS Cobra MOC
    -Gung Ho vs Destro (terrorist card)
    -Frostbite vs Neo-Viper (terrorist card)
    -Snake Eyes vs Storm Shadow (terrorist card)
    -Snake Eyes (grn) vs Storm Shadow (gray)
    -Duke (tan) vs Cobra Commander (blk)
    -Snake Eyes (blk) vs Cobra Commander
    -Snake Eyes (gray) vs Cobra Commander
    -Scarlett (steel/grn) vs Storm Shadow (blk)
    -Roadblock vs Ripper (Spy Troops)

    Sigma 6 (8") MIB
    -Cobra Commander (Battlefield General, silver cape)
    -Zartan v1

    Sigma 6 (8") LOOSE
    -High Tech v1
    -Heavy Duty v1 & 2
    -Zartan v1
    -Desert Wolf (?)
    -Destro v1
    -Firefly v1
    -Duke v1 (tan)
    -Duke (jetpack)
    -Long Range (skull keychain)
    -Spirit v1
    -Snake Eyes v1
    -Snake Eyes (armored)
    -Grand Slam
    -Cobra Commander v1
    -Storm Shadow v1
    -Storm Shadow (w/ crossbow)
    -Snake Eyes' Ninja Hovercycle
    -Storm Shadow's Ninja Hovercycle

    Sigma 6 Mission Scale (2 1/2") MIB
    -Atlas Mech x2

    -Witterquick (Visionaries, MOC, 1987)

    MOTU 2002 MOC (all cards are C7.5, better, or otherwise noted)
    -He-Man ("Classic" Iron Cross)
    -She-Ra (still in sealed mailer, C9.5)
    -Ram Man
    -Skeletor (rave)
    -Evil Lyn
    -Beast Man (bubble is slightly starting to lift from card)
    -Tri Klops
    -Trap Jaw
    -Mer Man
    -Mer Man (repaint, red eyes)
    -Two Bad
    -Panthor (MIB)
    -Twin Battle Ram Chariot w/ Skeletor (MIB, looks cool)
    -Mutant Slime Pit (MIB)

    LOOSE & Complete (All C9+)
    -Prince Adam
    -Ice Armor He-Man
    -Ice Armor Skeletor
    -Stratos (repaint)
    -Mer-Man (repaint)
    -Slime Mutant

    -She-Ra (w/ box & mailer)
    -Battle Hawk
    -War Whale
    -Attack Squid
    -Slime pit
    -He-Man w/Battle Cat (4", McD)
    -Skeletor w/Panthor (4", McD)
    -Beast-Man (4", McD)

    Street Fighter (Sota) MIP
    -Ryu (gray)
    -Evil Ryu (black)
    -Dark Ryu (japanese)
    -M. Bison (gray)
    -Sagat (p1, blue)
    -Chun Li (light blue)
    -Chun Li (pink)
    -Sodom (p1, red)
    -Ken (yellow)
    -Ken (white)
    -Ken (brown)
    -Cammy (blue)
    -T. Hawk (white)
    -Blanka (p1, green)
    -Blanka (blue)
    -Blanka (glow-in-dark)
    -Guile (p1, green)
    -Guile (all-american)
    -Balrog (p1, blue)
    -Sakura (p1, blue)
    -Sakura (gray)
    -Adon (p1, blue)
    -Gen (p1, purple)
    -Akuma (p1, blue, red hair)
    -Shin Akuma (black, white hair)
    -Ibuki (p1 tan)
    -Fei Long (p1, black)
    -Birdie (p1, blue denim)
    -Remy (p1, black/red)
    -Evil Ryu vs. Psycho Bison 2pk
    -Gouken (gray)
    -Gouken (battle cry)
    -Gouken (battle damage)
    -Spirit of Gouken

    -Chun Li (p1, blue)
    -Ken (p1, red)
    -Blanka (p1, green)
    -Blanka (blue)
    -Vega (p1, purple?)
    -T.Hawk (p1, blue denim)
    -Balrog (p1, blue)
    -Gen (p1, purple)
    -Sakura (p1, blue)
    -Adon (p1, blue)
    -Akuma (p1, blue, red hair)
    -Shin Akuma (black, white hair)
    -Birdie (purple)
    -Ibuki (p1, tan)
    -Gouken (gray)

    Indiana Jones MOC
    -Young Indy



    WANTS; The following are things I will most def trade for.

    -EELs (modern)
    -Any and all missles & bombs for SkyStrikers.
    -MOTU Classics
    -Modern GI Joe W12 & 13 MOC
    -Vintage GI Joe toys, products, & novelties in great shape.
    -Torpedo (SRO)
    -Ace (SRO)
    -Greenshirts (from the TRU 5-pk, loose)*
    -Odo (DST DS9) x2
    -Ezri Dax (DST DS9)
    -"Nemesis" Geordi LaForge (DST TNG)
    -Wild Bill (SRO)
    -Stalker (W3, yellow)
    -SDCC Blue CC
    -WHALE (complete, or close to it.)
    -USS Flagg (complete, or close to it.)
    -Space Shuttle DEFIANT (complete or close to it.)
    -Bio-Vipers (Mega Marines, loose or carded)
    -Unbroken canopy and fins for a vintage Skystriker
    -The rubber endoskeletons for vintage S.N.A.K.E. Armors
    -PAC Rats (all 3, loose and complete)
    -Snake Eyes (W1, variant, blk Timber) decals
    -Boba Fett jetpack flame stands

    WANTS; The following are things I could maybe trade for. These things are best used as trade "filler".

    -Starduster (SRO)
    -MOBAT (UBP, decals unnapplied)
    -GI Joe Jetpacks (any)
    -AWE Striker (25th, Target Exclusive, loose, DU)
    -VAMP (modern, loose, DU)
    -B.A.T.s (DVD Battles, will trade carded BATs for these)*
    -Trubble Bubbles (25th)
    -CLAWs (25th, jetpacks)
    -Cobra Troopers (DVD Battles)*
    -B.A.T.s (25th loose or carded)*
    -Star Wars figure stands that look like a "ship floor" or "jungle floor".

    * I will trade 1:1 MOC or loose Crimson Guards, Cobra Troopers, or any other loose figs (and some carded) on my list, for these. Any offers, PM me.

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