Customs: Cody to Guardminder?

Discussion in 'Creative General Discussion' started by destrongerlupus, Jun 13, 2011.

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    No secret that I like the SW TF toys for custom fodder.

    Poking around on the wiki, I was reminded of one of the troop-builder characters from Masterforce: Guardminder


    In turn, his multi-wheel goodness and barrel chested physique put me in mind of Cody


    Now he's far from an exact match, and a little beefy (Though not compared to the Super Ginrai Encline's making me and the Overlord I'm working on...), but I rather like the mold, and it'd be FAR easier to knock up a few of these than anythign resembling "classics" styled Seacons or Firecons....

    Anyone else seeing it? Anyone want to POC me a digibash?

    Looking to start doing a few commissions again soon, the sheer simplicity of this one might yield good results in the right hands...


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