Codimus Prime wants bots and parts!

Discussion in 'Wanted Items' started by Codimus Prime, Oct 24, 2007.

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    Welcome to the wanted thread. If you have stuff I want, I might have stuff you need. Check my for sale thread link in my signature.

    Loose figures and reissues are always accepted!

    Always looking for Bumblebee/Cliffjumper related items and TF animation cels or sketches!

    Figures Needed:
    Yellow Bumblejumper
    Foreign Minibots (Antex, IGA, Estrela, ect)
    G1 Bumblebee (Black Keychain or any foreign made like Antex, Estrela, ect.)
    G1 Cliffjumper (Any foreign made like Antex, Estrela, ect.)
    G1 Downshift Mail Away
    G1 Red Alert
    G1 Hound
    G1 Bluestreak
    G1 Smokescreen
    G1 Springer
    G1 Decepticon Cassettes (Overkill, Frenzy/Rumble mostly)
    Nucleon Quest Convoy (loose or mib, NO MISB)
    WST Grimlock
    WST Hot Rod
    Classics Bumblebee
    Classics Starscream
    Bendy Ultra Magnus (loose only)
    RID Scourge (loose only)
    Myclone Starscream

    Parts Needed:
    G1 Galvatron Cannon and mount (can be repro)
    G1 Reflector Missile x 1
    G1 Trailbreaker Head, Radar
    G1 Sixshot guns (set of 2)
    G1 Blitzwing inner arms/hands and gun or sword
    G1 Tracks missiles (x2) and gun
    G1 Wheeljack parts (wings, launcher and missile)
    G1 Doubledealer Nebulans (both), Missile (both parts), Blast Shield
    G1 Strafe Pistol and Cannons
    G1 Overdrive Weapons
    G1 Grotesque Wings
    Headmaster Fangry Wings and Nebulan
    Headmaster Hardhead Guns (all of them)

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