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    Jun 26, 2007
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    Has anyone ever spray clear gloss on there custom?
  2. Massdestruction

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    Aug 22, 2006
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    I often use Krylon Matte Finish Gloss to protect the paint and flatten the colors of my customs. On occasion I have used Clear Gloss to protect parts of my customs that use metallic paint colors like silver or gold because the Matte Finish changes silver into dark gray and gold into a tan and destroys all metallic feel.

    A few things to look out for if you use the Clear Gloss as opposed to the Matte Finish:
    * It makes the paint VERY shiny which may look OK in person, but taking good pictures of your custom is almost impossible.
    * It tends to spray on fairly thick, which can make your final custom look like the color paint is too thick.
    * If you don't allow the first coat to fully cure before applying the second coat, the "clear" gloss will turn "milky".
    * If you do decide to use a Matte Finish instead of Clear, be careful not to overuse it because it will start giving a "frosted" glass look. (Which can be remedied with a wash of the color brushed over the gloss if needed.)

    These are just a few observations that I have made while spraying my customs.

    Good Luck.

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