Customs: Clear Coating Stickers (specifically Reprolabels).

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    Since I feel my painting and masking skills aren't at a point where I feel comfortable dealing with complex decos (as the case TFP Knockout), I figured I'd get Reprolabels' upgrade set for Knockout (which looks fantastic). While I've heard many a great things about Reprolabels, one thing I'm always worried about with stickers of any sort is the issue of peeling off (whether it be next month or in several years time).

    So getting to the question, any tips or advice with clear coating stickers to help protect them and are there any significant differences from clear coating dry transfer and water-slide decals vs. stickers?

    With Knockout I'm planning on using a nice, glossy red (one that matchs close enough to the sticker set) for the unpainted/unstickered red plastic before giving it a gloss clear coat once the stickers are applied.

    I guess this would also apply to the arms micron figures as well.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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