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Discussion in 'Items For Sale or Trade' started by Stuntastic, Feb 25, 2011.

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    Looking to downsize my collection and pretty much make it G1/Beast Wars Era bots only.

    So to finish up my Classics/Universe/Generations line, I'm looking for:

    - Ramjet +
    - Tankor(Octane) +
    - Wheelie +
    - Cliffjumper +
    - Silverbolt
    - Galvatron (even if you just have the head to get rid of!) +
    - Wreck-Gar +
    - Scourge +
    - Unicron (whichever repaint)

    As long as they're complete, don't have any ridiculously loose joints, I'm game. Don't really care much for the box, but if you got em, why not?

    The ones with the + sign are ones I'm looking for the most, others can wait. But if you got em anyways, let me know.

    I've got a WFC MOSC for trade, depending what you've got. But also got cash.

    I also have a Universe Hardhead, that I would trade straight up for the Hardhead add on set. I've been meaning to do this trade with my cousin, but he's lagging and has a few of my figures still at his place. So, I give that trade offer for you folks.

    I also have two G1 Metroplex BODIES for trade/sale. One is more yellowed than the other. I may plan on keeping one, but if you want both and the price is right, then I'll trade em both. Pics for them upon request.

    I also have various Armada, Energon, Cybertron figures for trade/sale. I am going to keep some for kitbashing purposes. But if there's a gap in your collection and I've got it, I'll sell.

    Also got alternators Windcharger, Swerve, and Shockwave for sale/trade.

    I'll have a compelte list up soon.

    But just PM me with what you got/want.


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