Customs: classics trailbreaker shell, opinions needed

Discussion in 'Creative General Discussion' started by Rotorstorm, Oct 12, 2008.

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    a few days ago the idea came to me that with a bit of building on top of the mould the sunstreaker/sideswipe figure could make a good trailbreaker, only thing is I am unsure how I should go about this project (it's a way off at the moment) but it would be god to have some idea on what kind of materials and tools i should use for such a project.

    here is a picture of Sunstreaker demonstrating how the transformation will work

    the legs will be bulked out as will the chest due to the new vehicle mode and also a new backpack as a taller windscreen and roof will be built upon. His left arm will be shortened and have the end of one of classics prowl's missles for his gun arm.

    the one problem I have that I can't see being resolved easily are the wheels positioning as I'm not sure if they will look right on a van as they are without being made bigger or moved.

    I had planned to use the plastic from cd cases to do some of the extra building of parts but I'm not sure that would be wise as i have known them to break fairly easily due to them being brittle.

    any thoughts?

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